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NEKROHOLOCAUST (english version)

Author: Dope Fiend
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
Jap Decena - Vocals
Bertram Vidaja - Guitars
Francis Albesa - Drums

Today in the international Aristocrazia Webzine's sitting room, we have the pleasure to be in company of Jap Decena of Nekroholocaust.

Hi Jap, how are you?

First of all, I want to apologize for my killer late reply to this interview, hahaha. I think it’s a half year ago (2010) since you send me this and now its 2011! And I'm finally answering it, hahaha!! By the way, thank you Erick for having us here and spending your time for us. Now we are looking forward to record our first debut full-length album.

As usual let these guys to appear themselves and tell us how they were born Nekroholocaust.

This band was formed in the year 2004. Compose of Bertram Vidaja on guitars, Francis Albesa on drums and me on vocals. Me and Bert was the original members of this band and struggling to have a dedicated bass guitarist and drummer who can play our desired music. Many line-up has changed, specially at the bass and drums section. Until we found Francis. He also played as a drummer with the local hardcore band called "Kriterion" also based here in Bacolod City. And we all decided to play three piece until now. That's all.

What are your greatest sources of inspiration in music field? There are bands or albums that you are particularly close to heart?

They’re too many inspirations to mention! And all the bands and albums that I been listening since I started this are close to me (and I keep them as my inspirations, hehehhe).

How your songs born and how they articulated their songwriting process?

First of all we started from the riffs, follow with the drums and if the two instruments are finished, the vocals spits in.

With what objectives you have set up this project?

Our obsession is to play our desired music! So, we set up this project. Simple as that.

Nekroholocaust is a "strong" monicker. What does it mean to you? Why have you chosen it?

Nekroholocaust means (in my own opinion), is simple as “death to all” and I choose it cause its just simple and cute... hahahaha!

What are the themes you most care about and that you face in your lyrics?

Lyrics are all about porn, gore and violence, also inspired by horror, gore, porn movies...

What is your relationship with the modern means of sharing of Internet? Do you think are useful or which, on the contrary, they kill the music?

Of course Internet is useful for some other sort of reasons, for example downloading some "rare" albums that have been out of prints or sold out with there labels etc. so, you can just download it easily through the blogspots but for me, as a musician and collector, I prefer to collect hard copies or original copies of the bands and album for my killection stuffs. Keep in your mind that "Real Musicians/Artists Collects Original Stuffs". Don't just depend on downloading from the internet and stupid pirated cd's cause if you do, you are a poser! Hahahaha! Metal music is your obsession right?? So bear with it!! Be true to yourself if who you are and what you do cause if you just stick with the fake stuffs like pirated cds your not only destroying your fellow metalheads/bands/artists, but also yourself too, so be TRUE!! Seriously, sometimes I really admit that I also downloaded some "rare" files on the internet and blogspots etc. Those blogs helps me find the "rare stuff" that I wanted, like old demos from rare bands and its pretty cool too! Remember this: "blogspots dont destroy music, pirated cd's do it!"

Live situation: as you approach to your audience? What feedback have you had on stage?

It depends on the audience. There are people who like us and some are not. We get both positive and negative feed backs and it is pretty normal. People have different taste(s) anyway.

Live experience to forget, or you would like to live again?

All our live experiences are all normal to me, even if its just a small event or big event, bad or good... its all normal.

There are bands of your countrymen, you'd recommend to our readers?

Ok! Check out this bands: Down From The Wound, Pus Vomit, Human Mastication, Loss Of Control, Sagrado, Perverse Molestation, Guillotined, Disastrous, Lamaw, Queen City Crew, Hatemail, Riit, Revolver and of course don't forget our very own one-man killing machine... Yoyoy Villame!!!

How are you going through this experience as a band?

There are a lot of experiences, good and bad, but its all normal to me.

How hard is it to give birth to a musical project and keep it?

It depends on your members (in my own opinion). If your members are not the same as you, your music, ways, ideas, etc. or let just say the same as your "Brain", you cannot gain to keep up your project. So choose your dedicated members wisely!

You have live dates scheduled at this time?

Yeah! Were planning to hit Davao City and Luzon Area this year or maybe next year. Hopefully...

What are the next steps of Nekroholocaust? What can we expect from you in the near future?

More shits to come and maybe this year we will be adding up another guitarist and a bassist (after the full-length recording). Were be going from three pieces to five pieces and also watch out for our first debut full-length album so, just keep in touch.

The interview is over. Thank you for your availability, making you the best of luck, we pass to you the last word for a final message to our readers.

Thank you Erick for your sick and killer interview bro. All the best to Aristocrazia Webzine. Watch out for our first full-length album.
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