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SEKHMET (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
Warlord - Bass
Ragnar - Drums
Nekromancer - Guitars
Set - Guitars, Vocals
Haaten - Vocals

2010 was the year of confirmation for the Czechs Sekhmet, as there are those who believe in their consistency and to present records that do not invent anything and that whose sole intention to live of the primitive form of the genre, "Opus Zrudy" is among them. Our conversation will help us to know them better.

Welcome to our site, we start by talking about your history, how Sekhmet were born and what is the thrust that moves them today?

Set: Me, Ragnar and Warlord started to play like Sekhmet in 2002. After few months we had our first gig with vocalist which wasn’t used on any album. Abaddon came few time after. So we have been the same members since 2003 till now. In this time we have a new vocalist Haaten and for the first time endless second guitarist. His name is Nekromancer. Behind nine years we composed and recorded three full length albums, some splits, tribute etc... Last album "Opus of Monstrosity" had a great success. So we also have a label from England. Aphelion prod. released this album on cd and lp format. We were on mini tour in Portugal and Spain. Hope that new album will be better for more people and we will be able to go on other killer way again.

You have three albums on the assets in which the "classic" style rule, even to remain anchored to the primordial form of genre you need to draw inspiration and determination that they are effectively then poured into the music, what are your guides?

Lyrics of Sekhmet are my and Abaddon´s work. More than less is from our minds. I do not feel any influence in this way. I can see that i am not so good in writing of lyrics. I am writing still the same but i use different words. Haha, But it is my opinion. Eh … Abaddon is better but now he is not our vocalist. Hope that new vocalist will understand our way and write great lyrics with deep sense. We will see. Our music is a different problem. I and Warlord compose our own infernal songs and of course we both listen to Black metal. So sometimes you can hear some influences. But it is not a purpose. And of course we want to do the best for us and Sekhmet.

"Opus Zrudy" confirm that the composition machine is well-oiled and ready to strike. One year has passed since its official release, are you completely satisfied?

I think so. Of course there are some mistakes which we can correct but... We recorded it in rehearsal room (Hell studio) and I think that the sound isn’t totally great but in these conditions it’s great.

How was the phase of songwriting? Do you have a tested procedures which give life to songs? Who takes care of music and who of the lyrics?

I can say that the music is my work and Warlord is important too, because he brings some better feelings when i am not sure if it is good or not. On new album there will be bigger cooperation between me, Warlord and new guitarist Nekromancer. So i hope that my vision of new era will be fantastic like it is in my mind! Lyrics are the worst. When i write some text so i write only some words and after few days I try to write sentences. When i finish it, after few days i must to sit again and write more or destroy some sentences. The best is finished after long time...

The precise choice of keeping the text in your native language already implemented by Master's Hammer and Root in some releases, worth? Do you think that English is, as far as speaking communicatively useful, does not adequately to express the kind of obscure feeling that binds you to the songs?

Our homeland is Czech Republic, so we use this language, because it is our mother tongue, so it is natural to use it. We can express our ideas and thoughts in a better way than in English. We are not as good in English language so we need the help from people who have better knowledge of English language than us; we need to have our texts and reports corrected if they are in English. New vocalist Haaten brings some really great lyrics. But we are not sure if we will use it because i am a friend with Master of Bestial Mockery. This guy wrote some lyrics for us in English so maybe new album will have English lyrics. We don’t have solution which lyrics will use in new songs.

At the end of the platter you have entered the cover of "Under A Funeral Moon" of Darkthrone, the Norwegian duo after the change of sound has received heavy criticism, there's even some who think they are the bane of today's black metal. What is your thought about it?

Fuck off these critics!!! Last three albums of Darkthrone are totally great. They show us new way of Black metal. The most important for me is that these two guys are still true. Their music and band is very very popular but without influences of all trends in metal scene. Their behaviour, opinions, solutions, lives, music, lyrics are still in the true sense. Like in 80´s 90´s. What do you want? Bands like Dark Funeral?? Still the same music but different and tolerant opinions about world? Fenriz and Nocturno Culto are cult for me and their new albums too. I was really surprised when i read new lyrics where there is a link to old school, love in power of nature, Underground. They are only few people who didn’t change opinions for trends. And it is reason why i have tattoo of new Darkthrone on my body. Fuck off and die!!!

The east side of our Europe has always been a hotbed of talent especially for extreme metal, in recent years how is your national scene? There is a network of friends with whom the band, beyond respect, there is also a friendship and the opportunity to play gigs?

I hope that I understood your question in the right way, because of your fantastic level of English. I think that it is everywhere the same. We have many excellent bands with true influence, images and lives and it is reason why we are proud of them and we respect them. On the other hand we have many bands which need to die. Like Prdel z Norveje. I try to translate the name of the band, Shit From Norway. We have other bands which use electro and disco influence; of course I cannot support them. I feel big respect on one special band Černý Kov. It is a band which records all demos in nature. When they have a song about winter they record all instruments in winter. Fantastic, it is really true. It is important for me, think on something and do this. For me it isn’t possible but I can say that what I think so I do it. The same is in Sekhmet band. Yes, we have some unwritten friendship between us all and we support us all. We help to other bands with gigs in Czech or some others countries and they do the same for us. We resend other contacts for zines, labels, organizators of gigs etc...

Metal has always had a strong social impact, black metal has been a revelation for many and a lifestyle to be accepted without thinking twice about it, what do you think are the basic differences in this genre, as it is born and as it is now? There was a drift and perhaps a "marketing" that has disproportionately affected the values?

I think that it is a big difference. Because in this time more than less bands and blackers go into this style for money, bussines. They cannot understand why people start to play harder and harder rock n roll. Why they begun sing about Satan. It was a big step for us. And I am proud of bands which are still in their primary minds. They can be popular and famous but they didn’t use and didn’t need trends and business. It is secondary thing. We all are only in shadows of these bands. Here is only one difference between us. Someone go in this shadow with honour and his popularity is not conditioned by trends and business.

In the introduction, I described Sekhmet as a coherent band, if you must, with three adjectives, identify each of your work until now released, on what the choice would fall?

I have to describe every work by one word. For me is first album our first demo which had forty-five minutes and it is the best for me because it was the first recording and first sign in faces of our fans. Our true first album "Mass Catharsis Of Mass" was only a shadow of our first album because it was recorded nine months later.
"Ocularis Infernum": breakthrough.
"Opus Of Monstrosity": opening of the new gates.

Have you had the opportunity to bring on stage the pieces of "Opus Zrudy"? Reactions from the public? What do they expect when Sekhmet go on stage?

More than less all fans told us that "Opus Of Monstrosity" is the best album and big step forward. It is nice to hear it. With this album and with new vocalist Haaten, we´ve prepared new show for stage. Haaten did old satanic flags with antichrist symbols; he uses his own rune of hatred and violence. Plus we still use fire and we burn crosses on the stage. Big surprise for me was when we played last gigs some people had a gas masks on heads. It was great because we have had gas masks on stage from our start of live shows.

There was a concert or a festival that you remember with particular pleasure for an event or a bill of those who made you think: I'm happy to be here?

Yes, every year my friends Alda and Radek organize the Hell Fast Attack Festival. For me it is great. All friends and friendly bands are there and I am happy. I can drink alcohol and speak with them. There is the place where they are all. The best gig was the one which I released together with Sekhmet. It was last year when Urgehal was in our home town. There was fantastic atmosphere. The best was afterparty with Urgehal and after this party I spoke with Nefas. I asked him important things about black metal in Norway, about old times when Black metal bands begun, about Fenriz and Drakthrone, About his opinion and all of these things, nature. After this night I was really happy that I know what know only someone really the best and I am happy that I was the main organizator together with Sekhmet. After this all we are great friends. When Urgehal plays somewhere near to my hometown In Czech or Germany so I am on the guest list etc. they visit me... really great!!!!

What are you doing now? Are you already working on new songs or engaged in finding places to play live?

Now we are preparing songs for live shows in Hungary and Slovakia. When i have free time so i try to cooperate with Koltum (Portugal BM) and try to prepare tour together in Europe. Of course with Sekhmet inside. When there is some free time at home or at rehearsal room we compose new songs. In this time i prepared three new songs. Hope that the sound is good for all antichristian people.

There are chance to see you here in Italy? Want you send a message in this regard?

My friend M. from The True Endless prepares gig for us this year. After i know the date i will inform you and hope that we all can do a big promotion. My object is to ask Pesten (Tundra) and Alex (Frozen Darkness) for others gigs in Italy. It would be great to play some gigs in Italy and drink alcohol with Italian fanatics of metal scene!!! PORCO DIO!!!

This is the end, the interview ends here, but not before to leave you one last time the word to close it as you wish.

PORCO DIO. Praise the new Darkthrone, Fuck off and die all enemies, Christians, filths and trends metal heads.

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