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KORPIUS (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Insanity

Line Up
Felix Lampron-Dandonneau - Bass
Paul Berard - Drums
Maxime Beriault - Guitars, Vocals
Philippe D'Astous - Guitars, Vocals

Canadians with high hopes, this is what Korpius they are. The band, under the aegis of Maple Metal, released debut album "Shades Of Black" in March. We find them today in our corner of chatter that will give us the chance to know them better.

Welcome to our site, our readers know that I am very routine, but it's important for me to have a basic understanding of the history of the band and who are the members that give it life, so I leave you the word, you're free to tell us something about you.

Phil: Thanks for hosting this interview with us. Korpius started back in 2003 when Max and me started jamming metal songs and soloing in my parents’ basement. We quickly formed a full band and started jamming our own compositions. We had a singer for a few months and then he got scared on our first show and backed out. That’s when Max and me decided to handle the vocal duty ourselves. The mix of his low pitch and my high pitch voices made a very interesting mix. Since then we made a few lineup change. We have recruited Paul on drums and Felix on bass. We all know each other for so long, the vibe in the band is great.

After two EPs, "Korpius"and "Apocalyptic Vision", you made the jump and you have released your first album, "Shades Of Black ". How did you feel when you get to the conclusion that you had in your hands what you wanted? What was the gestation of the album?

We released "Apocalyptic Vision" in 2007 because we were not satisfied with the 2006 EP "Korpius". We wanted to show the people in Quebec what Korpius is really about – with the best production possible. From that point, we started putting a lot more attention in the composition and writing of the songs. We started working on "Shades of Black" and did our best to capture important details in the songs. The album was pre-produced between 2008 and 2010. When all the songs were completed and demoed, we could really make up our minds as to what we liked and what we didn’t like. We worked out everything until we had a product that was exactly like we wanted it. Then we started recording the album.

You are what I might call "a perfect machine of last generation". In your sound there is the violence of death, the melodies that in certain situations they derive from the Scandinavian branch of the genre, some small black brush, all enhanced by a good production. Drawing from multiple sources is never easy, what is your musical background as a band? And as individual musicians, however, you have extra metal formations that are fundamental to the approach that you have with the instruments?

I think we all have very broad and different influences. The four of us studied music in some point or another of its life so we all have a very good basis in understanding what we do; nothing is ever left to luck. Max has a big Pink Floyd influence which brings a lot to the musicality of the band. Paul has been in Drum Corps since he is a kid so he has a very solid technique. Felix is a true metalhead and he brings in the raw ‘metal’ vibe in the band – he makes sure we keep shredding people’s faces off. I have been a big contributor to the compositions of Korpius and lately I started listening to different musical genres with instrumental bands like Red Sparowes, Russian Circles and Pelican. All of this makes up what Korpius is all about, in the end as long as the music is brutal, groovy and technical, it’s good for us!

You are able to go from the most "progressive" moments as in "Disillusion" to others to sink the shot in "Awakening Terror" style becomes the main guideline. As you develop the chemistry that allows you to create songs in the rehearsal room? There is among you a mind that has a greater proportion or is it an amalgam work in which everyone puts its constant contribution?

Max and I contributed the most to the songs on "Shades Of Black" but in the rehearsal room everybody has its word. Usually, we will come up with a sketch for a song; a few riffs, a structure, etc. Then we work it out all together. It’s very important to have the input of every member so that everyone feels implicated in the songs. This way, everybody loves playing his parts and that gives the best jam vibe!

Every time I listen "The Final Charge" comes to me automatically think at "The Gallery" of Dark Tranquillity mixed with Amon Amarth, there has already been pointed out that this song is more reminiscent of something, even for atmosphere, to that album and that very precise sound?

When I composed this song I was really aiming for a final song on the CD. I wanted a song that would bring the EPIC side of Korpius back – like we had on our debut 2006 EP "Korpius". It is very funny that you name these two bands because "The Gallery" has been one of my favourite CDs when I was young (although I must admit I haven’t listened to it since 2006) and I always loved Amon Amarth although I don’t know them to well. Korpius is about balancing death metal with violence and melody. I think this song brings out the melodic side of our band.

How did you get in touch with the Maple Metal? What was the feature that convinced you that the label of John is the one that is right for you?

I started speaking with John when I saw he signed "Massive Slavery". We knew these guys from their other bands and I knew they were very professional. John showed an interest for Korpius right away and everything went very smoothly. We traded emails for a month or two until one day he came up with an offer for us. We all accepted the deal and since then we’ve all been working together like a big family.

Canada, on metal, does not need to be presented, is a nation that has a thick and historical scene, as you put in your extension? What is your relationship with other bands and how do you consider the level of the creatures that come out of it today? You, after all, they're a very good representatives.

Canada is a great place for metal, especially in the Province of Quebec. I mean, we gave Gorguts, Voivod, Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Kataklysm and so many more to the world. Those are the big bands we have around here but we also have tons of smaller bands – like us – that deserve attention. It’s the big band from Quebec that have paved the way for bands like Korpius.

If you were to point out five bands old school and five new Canadian bands, on which would fall your choice and why?

To put it simply, I think the old school bands that have paved the way in the scene are DBC, Voivod, Exciter, Gorguts, Kataklysm(old). These have allowed for the new generation of band to come out, bands like Neuraxis, Augury, Despised Icon, Derelict, BlackGuard.

What is your thoughts about the metal in general? Nowadays, both in terms of social impact and both considered as an art in itself, what do you think it should still suffer for the social stigma by ecclesistical groups or bigotry in general related to the fact that ignorance is an evil that it is difficult to break down a pickaxe?

I think metal will always remain a subculture in which people rely on underground media to get to know new bands and be informed about local shows. The impact of the mainstream has been more and more important which is great but it’s often the same bands that draw the wider attention. We all benefit from major bands breaking out since it draws new fans to the underground portion of the scene.

"Shades Of Black" was released in March, in these two months (and a little more) what were the feedbacks that you have received both in terms of criticism (reviews and interviews), both from the perspective of those who came to listen you under the stage? It's still difficult for a band at the first exit charge a reasonable consideration?

We are stoked by the reviews, interviews and positive criticism we have received thus far. For us, it is truly worth the effort we put in the band.

What were the emotions that you have tried it once took the stage bringing the new songs as a repertoire? There are some tracks that you feel perfect to fill specific roles in your show (opening, mosh, closing for example)?

We love to open the show with an intro and the first songs from "‘Shades Of Black". Those are great show starters. We usually end with a more melodic track, be it ‘The Final Charge’ or an older song off "Apocalyptic Vision".

What are the projects in the live field for Korpius? There are dates and festivals to attend?

We have lots going on right now. For fall we will be heading out on a tour in Quebec. We can’t give all the details just yet but expect us to pass by all the important towns where the metal scene is alive. We also have a plan to re-release "Apocalyptic Vision". This EP has been sold out for a few years so we decided to re-record it and to get it out on Maple Metal Records in 2012.

There will be opportunity to see you play in Europe and maybe, who knows, a trip here in Italy?

We have buddies in Italy so everything is possible.

What is for you metal in everyday life and what is the daily routine of the band members outside the rehearsal room or studio?

We all have our jobs and I am still in school. We are busy guys but our passion keeps us going.

Our conversation came at the end, it was a pleasure to have you here with us, I leave you for the last time the word for complete our exchange of ideas as you wish.

Check out the dates we will be doing this fall in Quebec and be sure to keep an eye on the re-release of "Apocalyptic Vision" in 2012 on MMR.

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