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CENTURION (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
AD Gore - Guitars
Bigos - Guitars
Caesar - Vocals
Blacha - Bass
Domin - Drums

Poland is surely rich of Death metal bands, besides the most famous names such as Vader, Behemoth, Hate e Decapitated there are many bands which make this scene one of the most rich, now Centurion released their second album.

Welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine, we were waiting for your comeback, why these ten years since the release of "Conquer & Rule"?

AD Gore: The line–up has changed few times, then we had some problems with the studio while mixing and the release of this stuff. Being an underground, unsigned band, we didn’t have any additional support and no terms or deadlines to keep, so our attitude was quite easy until "Serve No One", but I think that the next album will come soon. As we suppose the end of the world is about to come in 2012, so we have to hurry.

Let's give some infos to our readers about Centurion, why this monicker, who are the members which are the main steps of your band's life?

We are five death metal maniacs who play brutal as fuck. We’re quite nice guys apart from that, but we just love to play death metal in this way.

Let's talk about "Serve No One", why did you decide to put the songs from the split with Gortal released in 2008?

"Sacrilege", our part of the split with Gortal, was originally a promo cd. We wanted to give a short shoot of music, a sample before the final attack. I like this stuff cause it sounds like a fucking hell and on "Serve No One" we just made it supercharged.

The title is a clear declaration of intent, "Serve No One", is it a direct reference to religion? Do you think it's still the most powerful form of legal slavery?

It’s not only about religion. It’s as regards every form of mental or physical obstacles on your way to be a free individual. Religion is one of the most developed forms, as it is in our life since the very beginning of human race. That’s why we used a blasphemous interpretation of the dead Christ on Golgotha on our cover. But this "Serve No One", could concerns the other forms of slavery, such as bullshit pop-culture or politics as well. On the other hand this has its roots in the ancient declarations of freedom or independence... or conquest. Our first album was called "Conquer And rule", so as you can see the motive of violence against the enemies and will to dominate is clearly visible. It is the way how the Roman empire used to prefer. And the name of our band is not accidental.

An album with no frills which grinds and paves the field of bones leaving a trail of corpses behind itself, solid and devastating. You kept your coherence to the features of the early years of your band, is it difficult to keep this integrity in the metal world?

Not for us. Carnage is what we like in our music. One of the basic rules in Centurion is brutality. No remorse.

Compared to many other bands which we can describe as "polish" Death Metal reminding Vader or Behemoth, your sounds has something from the Floridian scene, how was "Serve No One" born? Who wrote the songs and the lyrics? Is there any album which influenced the composition of this work?

Yes, we’re this kind of death metal band. Florida in Yabssor souce, maybe, we’re Floridian in our sound but in the state of mind we’re close to the Canada, hehehe. “Serve No One“ contains songs composed in the very long period of time. Some of them were composed a few years ago by the members from the past line-up. Currently the music is being composed in common, of course it is usually Bigos, Blacha or me who bring the riffs to our rehearsal room, as we play on the guitars but we compose together. We know what we want to achieve so we’ve got a common vision. As regards the texts it is mine and Caesar’s field. Usually we smoke joints, then we write a text and then wondering how freaky we are.

How did you meet Robert's label, Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho?

This is our friend Greg from Godz Ov War who gave Robert our release. We have a short conversation via mail, got some agreements and then sign a contract. We’re satisfied with this cooperation so far.

You are skilled musicians, you gained experience playing in many bands, which are the changes you noticed between when you started your life in the metal scene and today?

There are less true metalheads, we’re endangered species. I play death metal or grindcore for more than ten years with no brakes and this is the major change.

Which are the reasons that lead you to create music and play death metal? I feel like there is some kind of trend attracting the new generations which sometimes are just copying the old school releases, is it just my idea or did you notice this fact too?

I can’t define the source of my creativity. This is like a drug. I have to play. It was an evolution. I remember that I started with playing black metal in the times when almost every one of us was fascinated with this genre, especially with the Norwegian bands like Mayhem or Emperor. Then I realized that this is not extreme enough and started with brutal death metal and grind core. I could even play noise if I had more time. It’s like with the drugs. Or sex. Usually you start with the soft ways, but after some time it doesn’t give you enough satisfaction. And as regards the trend that you mentioned, I don’t care. If there is such a trend I don’t get it. It’s ok as long as it comes from you, no matter what’s around you.

In a world that is revolutioning itself, where the anchors are being destructed by absurd political and religious decisions, art is still surving, how much is it important to use metal as a way of communication and how much can it be useful to help people who think that the Virgin Mary and Little Red Riding Hood exist getting the picture?

I think that if somebody believe in this crap this is his own problem and my goal is not to change his mind. But if anybody would like to have any impact on my life due to his stupid beliefs, I’ve got a simple message: go fuck yourself. We don’t need to help people who live in a lie. In Poland there is still a lot of people who believe in Christ and fucking catholic church, it has a great impact on our society. Although currently there is a good climate for a social change but a revolution won’t be a good solution. Evolution of thinking and culture rather. People get well educated, Polish society is much more far from the church than all of us would ever though.

Among labels and music buyers there is the trend of using mp3s losing the emotion of the listening, of seeing the booklet and of the own the art of those notes, just a click and everything can be deleted. What do you think about this way of promoting bands and selling them to the disposable market?

If you use mp3 as a kind of trial version of the album on CD or you just use this format when any other is unavailable it’s OK. I’m not a world greatest mp3 enemy. People who know the difference between CD and mp3 will support the official releases on CDs. The role of mp3 is very different from the CD. Only audio format on CD can give you the proper sound.

One of the critiques on the extreme and metal scene is about the meanness of the lyrics, but I ask: do people read them? And isn't the fact mentioned above about the mp3s obstructing who would like to delve into the album through the words?

There are a lot of different ways to receive the music. If you like only the music, it’s ok, If you like the lyrics as well it is even better. Honestly, I don’t know the lyrics of each of the band I hear. I know the general sense of them but, you know, there’s a great difference between Immolation lyrics (which I love to read) and Cannibal Corpse lyrics, which are fine but are just a bloody supplement to the music. In our case, the lyrics are important but their meaning is just the expression of the music which is dark and brutal. Check some grind core bands from Białystok in Poland: they don’t have any lyrics, just roars and it’s ok for me.

How can you talk about death, anti-religion and not "radio-friendly" topics avoiding the usual stereotypes? Isn't this underestimated sometimes?

We don’t even try to avoid anything, we just make our lyrics how we like it. Sometimes we use an original metaphors like in "Thy Portal" sometimes it is just an ejaculation of hatred like in "Total Terror".

How is "Serve No One" going? Is it receiving approvals from the critics and the listeners?

The feedback is really good, we are often very surprised. I heard that after the release of “Serve No One” Robert from Psycho Records just after our premiere bought a Mercedes S-class and a villa in Monaco, so I think that the album may be quite popular somewhere, hehehe.

Did you already have the chance of playing the whole album at a gig? Do you have any scheduled dates even outside your nation? Maybe we will see you in Italy?

Yes, we play almost all stuff from the new album on gigs. By now we don’t plan any shows besides our country, but if you’d like we are be very glad to visit Italy. I have a good memories from your country.

Which is your favorite live show you made? Is there any anecdote you want to tell us?

Each of our gigs is unique. Once upon a time a SWAT team took us from the stage. Centurion was the first band from Poland that pelt its public with the rotten meat. We always drink vodka with the audience and not only. Anecdotes... yes, I could say something more but I can’t, hehehehe.

Living on Metal, besides those great names, is impossible, so doing live shows is also a way to regain the money spent to make a good album, how is the attendance at your shows? Everyone talks about supporting, etc.. etc... How are the things going?

Usually we have a good attendance. We’re not a fuckin’ Vader or Behemoth but we can’t grumble.

Any project for the near future?

Yes. We want to record a mini album in the autumn.

The interview is finished, the last message for our readers is up to you.

Be yourself and believe in metal, it is one of the last true things in this fucked up world.

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