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INDRAMA (english version)

Author: Mourning

Line Up
Selene - Vocals
Jesus - Guitars and Vocals
Guillermo - Guitars
Manuel - Bass
Azucena - Keyboards

In the chat sitting room of Aristocrazia Webzine there are today the Spanish InDrama. How are you, guys?

Great and very thankful for this interview and being with you.

How do you get from playing thrash at the sensitivity of today's proposal which is a goth/post rock?

It was basically listening to three albums in the mid and late 90s; Tiamat´s "Wildhoney" and "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber" and Pat Metheny Group´s (Jazz Guitarrist) "Imaginary Day". As well as listening, in the early 2000 to The Gathering´s "Souvenirs" and to Anathema´s "A Natural Disaster".
My main influences have always been Sepultura, Machine Head, Kreator and Slayer. But
listening to those albums I mentioned, they went straight into my heart for all the feeling and depth they expressed, and gave me, musically speaking, more freedom when it came to creating.
This doesn´t mean I stopped liking Thrash, Machine Head´s “Through The Ashes of Empires” is a masterpiece

It's a scene that is much broader one related to this type of music, there are points of reference where you take inspiration or all it's casual due to the different listening backgrounds of the members?

It´s a sum of everything. Most of the songs in Timescapes were written or had a draft when I started the project. Afterwards, the rest of the members contributed with their ideas, as well as the present Beth left us with “Ride With Me”.
Although, as an inspiration, The Gathering or Anathema are still there.

"Timescapes" is a nice album, product with care where the voice of Selene and the keyboards of Beth, merge very well with the riffing. How do you set a track? From which inspiration born it? There are roles or precise dynamic of development?

It´s made with lots of care and months of work. The final result also comes from listening to
other great works from other bands and producers. Then we just try to carry it out in our album.
We start by creating beautiful voice melodies to later wrap them up with the rest of the instruments. This is done very carefully in order to create a good dynamic and a result that ends up being as harmonic and sweet as possible.

The often delicate atmosphere created by never forced singing are one of the best features of the album although, when you want to push, you do it without problems. However your greatest weapon appear to be the choral work, how important it is to be a group that travels in the same direction?

In this and in similar music styles the voice is one of the principal elements, if not the most
important, and we all clearly saw that Selene´s voice is sweet and with a wide register range. This allowed us to create vocal harmonies with a delightful result for everyone.

Have you received radio offerings? There are some songs (I think at "Free Me" and "Unreal") that have a touch so refined and at the same time accessible that exploit a so wide channel to let know it could be a boost.

We received some. A Russian radio in particular requested a song and asked us to pick the one we thought was the most appropriate. We considered "Free Me" and "Unreal", but finally decided to send "Free Me".

Passing on the space I seemed to understand that neither Beth nor drummer Jc longer part of the band, taking a cue from the previous question, it's so hard to keep together for a unique way?

That´s right, neither Beth nor JC are in the band anymore. Beth had to go back to her
homeland, Manchester, for personal reasons and JC, also for personal reasons, had to leave Indrama.
At this point it isn´t hard to keep on going in the same direction, all the band members like the style, the way of working things out and the path Indrama is taking. If it weren´t for those personal reasons they would still be in the band.

How is the promotion of the album?

For a newborn band with no support is pretty hard. We try to reach as many people as posible through social networks (myspace, facebook...). We also send our album to all the media, both Written and digital.

You have not reached deals of label interested in adding you to their roster? Is now the best way, that bring to life their own music as self-produced without limits or compromise?

We haven´t rejected any offer because, at the moment, no record label has shown interest in us. This is a good thing because we have no limits specially when it comes to composing. Although I think it´s not enough, when it comes to promotion, if you don´t have the support of a record label or money.

What is your thought about today's music world? Merits, defects or differences with the past that are perhaps regret the gone days?

Today´s music is almost in the same line as it used to be, we don´t see many differences. It is true that now, thanks to the internet, you can reach everything and everyone. But unfortunately, Money rules and not creativity or quality (although in art everything is always relative) so it all remains pretty much the same.

Internet and live are probably the best means to disseminate their ideas, as it goes into the communication field?How are spreading "Timescapes"? There are on stage scheduled dates?

Timescapes is having a very good reception, people are liking it and is spreading even beyond our expectations. In countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Chile or Mexico is being placed and enjoyed according to what we see in myspace, facebook or lastfm.
Right now we have no dates, but we´ll have them shortly.

InDrama what they want from the future? And what are the short-term projects?

We hope we can play Timescapes and other records to come in all those places we are
welcome. Right now we are getting Timescapes ready for a live show, not only in Spain, with new songs and with the new members to come.

This is the end, the interview is concluded. It's your to send a last message or a simple greeting at our readers.

Its been a pleasure being with you and hope we can play in Italy soon. Greetings

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