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KOMMANDANT (english version)

Author: Mourning

Line Up
Nick Hernandez - Vocals
Jim Bresnahan - Guitar
Marcus Kolar - Guitar
David Swanson - Drums
Mike Coniglio - Bass

I have the pleasure of exchange a few words with a formation which make of the discipline and rigor a weapon, the Kommandant. Don't lost us in stupid preambles and begin by mentioning how is born the band.

The band was formed by me back in 2005.Initially the lineup was only Andy (Cianide) and me. We have a revolving door lineup at the moment so I see no point in stating individual members at this point. The band was formed in reaction to what I see is a state of ambivalence and lack of integrity within the heavy music scene. Kommandant will provide that which lacks in today’s current scene. Kommandant is a weapon. Music is a tool and in the right hands, is a very powerful weapon. We are asserting our will, pushing our agenda, re-shaping the world around us. Our weapon is Kommandant

Kommandant is a monicker that is presuppose a hierarchy in which one controls the others, within the band there is this situation? If not, what meaning you give your name?

That is exactly what the situation is.I am the Kommandant and the others take direction from me.This band is NOT a democracy.All those asked to join are to agree to these rules or are asked to leave.I have had no problems with this situation to date.

All members of line-up are or have been part of important act of United States underground and not, what triggered the spring that has brought to life the Kommandant?

KOMMANDANT provides all that lacks in the current metal scene.Bands today lack conviction,assertiveness,and direction.Fans need to feel empowered once again!! Kommandant will provide all of this and much more.TRUST US!!!!

I had the pleasure (this is for me) to listen your productions, and I noticed a significant improvement in the last ep "Kontakt", that fatal aura, extremist and almost viral because of its wide spread, has claw off shore, what has changed since the debut "Stormlegion" that made you take this step in the direction of even more raw and brutal?

Two reasons.....The first is because we never become satisfied and comfortable when we attain a level of achievement.We receive pleasure from the feeling of power we have gained thus far and are blood drunk and hungry to overpower.We have no patience to wait for others.The seduction has already begun!

I don't want to focus so much on asking you what to talk about because it did not quote the lyrics can mean: "go find it" or "avoid us talking about it", then I'll pass directly at the music. You are an attack combo in certain points like an uncontrollable tank but in "Codex Gigas" shows it a slight melodic semblance. What inspires you to compose? From what sources do you draw the rigid and set execution that you characterize?

In regards to inspiration,We draw very little influence from music and therefore from any one particular band.I find myself to be mostly inspired by ancient architectural design and the origins of it.In other words,how can it be that the architecture from 300 years ago,produced with far more primitive tools and techniques than today, is much more asthetically pleasing than anything produced today? This proves that Modern technology is "NOT" an advancement;it is a digression!THIS is my inspiration for Kommandant.Our agenda is to wipe clean the earth and start over with a new beginning since the current situation is not working.

Chaos is one of effect that is created by the violence of your proposal, triggers in certain times the moments of pure dispersion which is difficult to orient, what is the real objective of Kommandant?

I believe I answered this in the previous question.

You played a great mixture that is well suited to visualize scenes as strong, what are the most appropriate image to represent your songs?

Great question! We often times get tagged as a "War Metal" band and that is it.I do not like descriptions in the first place and especially not this one.This connotation to me is much too restrictive for us...Upon first glance at this description,it immediately implies that we would have a burning tank on the cover and lyrics referring to ww2 only.Neither of these are true.We believe our Imagery,and especially the lack thereof,to be speaking on an entirely different level than the obvious...If it is not clear at first,then be patient and keep listening.I will not need to hold ones hand to guide you.We are artists and our art IS our weapon that will eventually speak to you if you truely are one of us.We are channeling that which speaks to us from beyond.Quiet your mind and listen...THEY will eventually speak to you as well.TRUST US!!!

There is a support relationship between music and visual sector in live purview? And how has the formation on stage?

We pride ourselves upon our live presentation.The live attack is cold,provacative,and disciplined in appearance,yet caustic and infectous upon delivery.It is not uncommon to see audience members leave the show due to how deeply offended they may have become.To these people I say,"Thanks for forfeiting your entrance fee to us and have a pleasant trip home!This has happened on several occasion.

How is the interaction with the public in your shows?

We have our loyal followers and then we have many converts..the latter being discussed in the previous answer i gave to the previous question.

How was it received the disc? What were the reactions of the media and those who follow your musical path?

Too early to tell since it is still new.Contact me in a few months and i will give you an update.

How are you promoting the album? Is there a tour in support of this release?

So far we have some dates scheduled within the midwestern United States for the remander of 2010.In 2011,we have a scheduled U.S. tour of the western coast.No European or South American dates scheduled yet.

The Earth is a planet in eternal conflict, war is a millenarian constant and of "commanders" if they have followed many, moving from glory to dust, often in a very short time, what should a person who's taking the control of globe by giving orders: reorder our planet struggling with the today's problems or clear the situation by restoring a natural order that again from the beginning?

A complete restructuring is in order!! This current system and structure does not work and needs a revamping immediately.I believe that the root cause to all of the stated problems is due to human overpopulation.KOMMANDANT plans to have a hand in solving this core problem!I have more respect for animals than for any human being being.Humans are neither respectful of the earth nor to others.Disgusting!

What will be your next step? What should we expect?

Kommandant will be releasing 2 discs simultaneously in March 2011.They will actually be 2 completely different works...not to be confused with an actual double album.We also have a split 7" with NOMINON being released by Cryptonium records(SWEDEN) around the same time.

The interview is over, you leave a final message to our readers.

Pay close attention to what KOMMANDANT says.....WE are your new leaders!

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