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MESMERIZED (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
Pavulon - Vocals
Arthur - Guitars
Beton - Bass, Vocals
Lukasz - Guitars
Deviant - Drums

In the last two years many bands from Poland have been returned, not least the Mesmerized, act that in 2005 had released a good album of melodic black called "Coronation". This 2011 has given us the follower "Antihuman Inferno".

Welcome guys, we start presenting the band and talking a bit of your story?

Pavulon: Beton (bass/vocals) and Gacek (drums) start the band in June 1997. First name is Demonicon but in 1998 renamed to Mesmerized. In the beginning of 1999 Wrak (guitar) joins Mesmerized. In June 2000 the band records first single entitled "About Exterminate Love". In Autumn 2002 Gacek (drums) leave the band and his place is taken by Wariat. In the same period ADGore (guitar) joins the band, however cooperation is very short. In the beginning of 2004 appears Amoniak (guitar). In April 2004 Mesmerized playing a gig in Warsaw club "Progression" as a support for Gortal and Sceptic. In June 2004 Wariat (drums) leaves the band. In October 2004 Sargon (drums) joins Mesmerized. In February 2005 the debut album "Coronaton” recorded in Warsaw M.G. Studio. In mid-2005 Mesmerized plays as a support for Yattering. In September 2005 LOBO (vocals) joins the band. In October 2005 there was a concert at Club Rock where Mesmerized plays with Abussivenes. In February/March 2006 were recording four tracks for the split with the band Sturmgewehr 666 entitled "Declaring Deathreich Decalogue" in Warsaw KPD studio. Mentioned split is to be out in 2007 thanks to the U.S. label Butchered Records. In late summer 2006 we have signed a contract with German label Heavy Horses Records to release the first album, "Coronation". Between 2006 and 2008 there was a band suspension due to Sargon's departure from the country. Half of 2008 the band starts touring again and playing with bands like Dead Infection, Thanathron, MasseMord, Saltus, Underdark, Exhalation, Cryptic Tales, Ferosity, Soul Snatcher, Iperyt, Visceral Grinder, Teratosis. In June 2009 the band said goodbye to singer Lobo. In August 2009 we have signed a contract with Psycho Records for release split with Warfist and Exhalation titled "Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression". In September 2009 Pavulon (vocal) joins band (former member of Ferosity and Sphere). In October 2009 we are entered in the Progresja Studio and we have registered thirteen deadly composition on the latest album under the working title "Antihuman Inferno". In August 2010 Sargon left the band. The second album "Antihuman Inferno" was released on 15 January 2011 and the for mastering is responsible Szymon Czech. In March 2011 new songs are created by Pavulon (vocal), Arthur (guitar), Beton (bass, vocals), Łukasz (guitar) and Deviant (drums).

From 2005 to 2011, a few changes in line-up and two split "Declaring Deathreich Decalogue" and "Satanic & Violent Metal Aggresion", these mini works have served to seat the group for this new release?

Yes, they have. Each and every change in line-up and two mentioned splits made us change few things. First of all new members brought their experience and different musical tastes, and this allowed for the development, allowed to look at the Mesmerized music from the other side. Two mentioned splits were just learning behavior in the recording studio and also contributed to the understanding of our abilities. Thanks to them we have seen if there is any progress, or if we have chosen the right path. All this as the most affected newest creation. While composing the new material we knew how to effectively work together and what we want to achieve. The effects are very satisfied.

I have heard many times "Antihuman Inferno", is a feral platter, compact as a monolith, and I noticed on several occasions some turns in the grind area, the factor that some members of the band are (or were) with Anticipate, which I reviewed with great pleasure the excellent "Killing For A Living", has affected the songwriting?

Songs for "Antihuman Inferno" were created by Beton and Artur, whose side project is Anticipate. So references to the grind are obvious. Furthermore, I believe that on the next album you will hear more of this because recently the drums were overtaken by Deviant from grinding Anus Magulo. And if you liked "Killing for A Living" Anticipate absolute must have is "Stronger Than Hate" from 2010.

The proposal is geared more towards death metal, the black matrix were enslaved but remains very present, there is still ongoing evolution in sound? "Antihuman Inferno" is the first step towards a more distinct stylistic change in the future?

In our case the evolution of style is quite natural. Learning from our mistakes, taking into consideration all the comments of new band members as well as constructive criticism we create music that we feel at the moment. We never try to anticipate the future, we do not plan that at the next CD we will play more death or more black. However, every time it is certain that it will be extreme music and we won’t slow down the songs.

Forty minutes of music that does not leave room and time for reflection, a great blow from the begin, this is your disc. In review, I called upon one of the most successful tracks "Meteorian", "Perfect Black Infinity" and "The Sound Of Black Waves", there is one that you think best represents the Mesmerized today?

For me personally the best representative of the album is title track “Antihuman Inferno” because it sounds really great live. It has powerful dose of aggression, that is what characterizes the whole CD. Of course each member have their own favorite track, usually pieces of their own authorship.

Having had several revolutions inside the line-up as it changed the songwriting over the years? And about the black world and the issues discussed which are ones you prefer and why?

Personal changes in the band had an impact on the creation of songs. But in this context that two of the founders of the band is in it since the beginning, each joining musician knew what to expect and what the band expects from him. Of course not just personnel changes affected the way of writing tracks. It is natural that each member listens not only to heavy music as it allows them to develop and derive inspiration.

The Polish scene over the last decade especially has become a training for many bands, is capable of churning out a series of good formations that, with capacity and commitment, they make their way, brings back old stars that take back the instruments and make also hope in some miracle (the return of Decapitated, although the moniker, with only Vogg original proprietor, should be at least changed in my personal opinion). What made ??the metal, especially extreme, a source of relief/job for you and your countrymen?

It all depends on taste but taste is not discussed. We chose this kind of music, because it spins us, motivates us to action, adds energy. Simply we love what we do. As for the return of old stars we probably still have some time for us. But actually polish scene is growing in strength, new great bands worthy of recommendation appear. More and more people see that without work and good quality production you cannot exist in any way. And it's good because the average listener has the opportunity to receive music in an appropriate manner.

This year the Catholic Church that here, unfortunately play, uh, at home, prepares to honor the figure of the "Good Pope" Karol Wojtyla. Years ago this mister apologized to the Polish people for the destructive "actions" committed by the Christianity in Poland. As are seen the "state" figures as the Pope and religion as is understand by these "politicians" of faith? It was and continues to be only an opiate to deflect the true intent of manipulating the masses?

We as a band don’t give a fuck about churches, popes and priests opinions, decisions, apologies or precepts. We keep as far away as we can from this sick creation and protect our children from it.

What are the good strengths and the weaknesses of your national scene?

The two main strengths are famous polish stubbornness and strong head for drinking, with this kind of music it is the basis. The weakness may be situation, that if you are looking for a good drummer and you suddenly find him it is almost 100% sure that is already playing in several bands.

When you started listening metal, what was the record that you opened the doors to the genre? It's totally different the air that we breathe now by that time?

Mine first contact with the metal was with Vader "The Ultimate Incantation" from 1993, when I was 11 years. We all do know well that Vader haven’t changed much over the years and is still gaining new fans. I myself often go back to their older albums. And changes in the metal music has always occurred and will always occur. While certainly there will be ones willing to receive only the old school or new genres only.

He still speaks frequently of terms like "overground" and "underground ". If the first is often synonymous of great bands, but also of garbage album, the second is still a mystery to many because everyone seems to understand it in its own way. For you that these words have meaning?

Polish underground consists of a lot of good bands that record albums and play gigs. Exit to the so called overground is possible after signing the agreement on the CD with a large label, well known all over the World. So the conclusion may be quite simple, if you do not have cash or connections you are staying in underground.

How did you get in touch with Robert and the Psycho? There will be other future collaborations?

The first contact was in 2009, we signed a contract with Psycho Records to release split with Warfist and Exhalation. For the last publication, which we sent in Poland and abroad, the matter was such that after listening to the CD Robert spoke to us with the best proposal of publish and so it happened. Cooperation runs perfectly so we will surely take into consideration Psycho Records for publishing next material.

What evidence has so far had "Antihuman Inferno" by critics, both from those who constantly follows tha band since his birth?

Certainly all emphasize the great production of the "Antihuman Inferno". Those who follow our actions from the beginning noticed a big progress. New listeners perceive the album rather positively. Overall the opinion varies between average and very good.

Live situation: you have any dates planned? You will be around the world to play this summer?

As for the concerts we cannot wait to play live in front of the audience new material. Since March we play with the new drummer, we create new tracks and we do preliminary talks about playing live in September, October. So stay tune, check out our myspace profile and get ready for live inferno.

The interview is in its last act, I leave you the word for a greeting and closing as you prefer.

If you like extreme music with a great production check out the latest Mesmerized album "Antihuman Inferno" and see for yourself how it is done in Poland.

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