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AWAITING FEAR (english version)

Line Up:
Alisa - Vocals
Igor - Guitar
Filip Stojanovic - Guitar
Satan - Bass, Vocals
Shvaba - Drums

Hi guys, welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine. May we have a short presentation of your band?

Alisa: Hello back to you and your readers from Awaiting Fear! First of all, thank You for an awesome review for it is always really nice to hear that someone actually likes what we do and how we do it. We are pretty much young band, playing old school death metal in a country across the sea – Serbia. Why old school? In the sea of modern metal bands we missed the old sounds, since there are not much living bands left to play them, and from the beginning we assembled a band which will honor the ways as they were before.

Last year I had the pleasure to review your debut album "Dead Inside" an example of pure old school death metal, was well received by metalheads and critics?

Igor: I think that most of them really liked our first album, we had great comments in every mail we got from people, and also good critiques on metal forums. Also on our Youtube channel where we uploaded video for song “Dead Inside” everyone seems to like it. We think it is a good starting point, and certainly good critics gave us more courage to continue in this manner.

How did the live shows to support the promotion of the album? What festival you attended?

Igor: Live shows never seize to exist. We made around 20 gigs in our region and have booked more promotional gigs in the next few months. As for festivals, we are attending few great festivals in Serbia of which the biggest is festival called “EXIT FEST” which will be in July this year, and there we will share the stage together with excellent bands like Behemoth, Suicidal Tendencies, The Exploited, Cathedral….
Also, we will play at one more festival, “Grind Your Soul Fest” in May 08 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After that we will play as support for Deicide in Serbia and so on…

Can you tell us the best things that happened you on-stage? Do you have a live performance you would like to repeat?

Igor: Good sound and good monitoring is a rare thing around here, so when we receive one from time to time, it is a blast, haha. We want to repeat lot of shows we had in past, one of them is last one in Novi Sad (full club, lot of crazy fanatics, and pretty good sound). It was really awesome show for us, but I am not sure how did broken monitors feel after.

Death metal now in the role of the singer is no longer a novelty played by a woman. Alisa and Rosy (Profanal) are the revelations of last season.
As has become your singer?

Igor: I think too that woman in death metal band become normal thing, Alisa is great singer and this is the most important thing why she is in the band.

Alisa: And you forgot to mention driving! Since all the guys from the band drink their asses of, and I don’t drink at all, I am the one that is driving back home to safety after all the fun. And let me hear one more time that women can’t drive! Hahaha!

I really enjoyed with songs as "Decomposed" or "Engraved Memories" and listening to the three new songs that you have given me for preview i waiting a new assault, To what extent are the jobs for the new album?

Igor: For now we working on new songs and trying to make this part as best as we can, when we made something we will think about our next steps.

Alisa: I think what we are doing at the moment is a bit different from the first album. We have gone on some morbid paths and to be honest, sometimes even I have chills after I listen to it. New songs we made so far, are a bit slower, but have some sinister touch in them. Pure evil haha!

Who is the writer of the lyrics and who the composer of the music?

Igor: Lazar wrote most of lyrics, Alisa also had some, even guitar player Filip made lyrics for Decomposed (the song you’re enjoyed). Music is Filip’s and my part mostly.

Can you tell us something about the lyrics of your songs?

Igor: No, haha.

Alisa:I can tho haha! We are somehow split in lyrics. Lazar (bass player and screamer) is the one getting frustrated by people in general and human kind as it is, with all the modern day lost values and where everyone is just for themselves. As for me, I prefer darker sides of religion, mythical creatures, mythologies and alike.

How is your national metal scene?

Igor: There are a lot of great bands, but for metal in Serbia you cannot find more than few zines, radio shows and I think only one TV show (and this one is on local TV station, just for small part of country to see).
In other words, there is lot of fighters who are trying to keep metal alive, and you can find many metal gigs in whole Serbia only because of them. It sure is hard, but we are all fighting together!

What do you think about the today extreme metal scene?

Igor: Extreme scene is pretty good, as always, lot of bands were reunited and I like this, I can again listen to At The Gates or Bolt Thrower…
There are many new bands, some of them are really great, but I don’t like new waves like nu metal, core, emo …

What don't you like today in metal?

Igor: I don’t like bands which play only because of money, like every day job.

Alisa: Also, it is disgusting that these days you have to pay to some band in order to tour with them. It is all about money, and metal was never about it. As I know and feel, metal was always out of pure love for “harder” sounds, and never a place where you could become rich and play for that sake only. I guess capitalism left it trace even in metal.

What are for you the substantial differences between the years who have made history of death metal and those who are living?

Alisa: I must say this is the first time someone asked a question like this. I kind of already explained in previous question, but there is more to tell. I remember the time, before internet and all this “globalism” thing happening in the world, when one of the friends got some album from the bands we heard about, and we were all copying cassettes, listening to them until they were completely ruined, had all night stays in some apartment or brought some device on which we could listen in the park while drinking, banging and having fun. These days you can get everything (which is not necessarily bad thing), but people are stuck in front of monitors, going out only of concerts, giving low support to local bands, because they are used to go to the big ones. Somehow I feel that unity we once had, when we were younger is gone, and it is really saddening thing. I miss the old days!


What kind of relation do you have with your supporters? What do you think of virtual communities and social networks?

Igor: It is the future.

Alisa: But it wouldn’t hurt to be more united, and not only in every band hometown but also on wider scene.
Internet is great thing specially for bands such as ourselves, because thanks to that lots of people can hear us. Just two days ago, we got some nice words from one guy in Venezuela. Was fun to read the lines “ Awaiting Fear is playing in Venezuela now” and think how far that country is and still someone is out there with his friends banging trough our sounds.

Would we ever see you live in Italy?

Igor: Yes off course, haha. I hope soon.

Alisa: I certainly hope so! My mother lives in Ancona, so I can’t wait to get there and play her some nice music haha! Also, if you know someone who would invite us over there, bring it on! Sun and beach is all I ask haha. And beer for the boys!

Thanks for the time you spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you:

Alisa: Thank you for a chance to bring us closer to Italians and pizza and ice-creams and sea and beach and …. Hehehe!
And as long as we keep on fighting, both bands and fans, we will never be “Dead Inside”!

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