lunedì 8 luglio 2013

KOZELJNIK - Null: The Acheron Of Multiform Negation [english version]

Band: Kozeljnik
Title: Null: The Acheron Of Multiform Negation
Year: 2013
From: Serbia
Label: Paragon Records
Author: Mourning
Translation: LordPist

1. As If Through A Myriad Of Shades
2. Evoking The Furtive Depths (Reprisal)
3. Time, Neglected In The Wound Of A Martyr
4. Come, Thou Abhorred And Incessant
5. Scourged With Apathy
6. Wrecked In Ruins Of Solitude


Kozeljnik is the name of the project founded by the eponymous Serbian guitarist of The Stone and May Result, joined here by his band-mate L.G., drummer for both of the other bands and Dead Shell Of Universe. "Null: The Acheron Of Multiform Negation" is the fourth act coming out of this combo. This mini becomes part of a discography which includes the debut EP "Wrecked In Ruins Of Solitude" (2007) and the two albums "Sigil Rust" (2008) and "Deeper Than Fall" (2010).

This band is devoted to a strand of black metal definitely more diverse in terms of atmosphere than of rhythm. Here you will be facing both wicked, obsessive patterns and melancholic, almost tranquil scenarios portrayed through a quite uniformed sound and the frequent use of mid-tempos, thus rendering the pace somewhat painful and hypnotizing (as in the beginning of "As If Through A Myriad Of Shades").

In "Evoking The Furtive Depths (Reprisal)" and "Time, Neglected In The Wound Of A Martyr" the Serbian combo toughen up their assault through pure and simple black metal. "Time..." allows them to display their more melodic face, somewhat reminding us of Dissection. "Come, Thou Abhorred And Incessant" — featuring guest vocalist Niklas Kvarforth — totally changes the mood and paves the way for Kozeljnik's most chaotic and schizoid approach: once again, after a long time, I can say I am pleased to hear Niklas on something different from Shining's first four albums.

The last two tracks, "Scourged With Apathy" e "Wrecked In Ruins Of Solitude", were firstly included in their debut EP. There is a clear difference between this part and the rest of the disc in terms of approach and effect: here the material is definitely rawer and more reckless, signaling a complete shift from what we have just listened to. I am not quite sure about the decision of including them on this record, since the production doesn't meet their current standards, perhaps making them more of a vestige of what the band represented at that time and not anymore.

"Null: The Acheron Of Multiform Negation" is a trustworthy anticipation of what Kozeljnik should, or could, include on their next release. In case you haven't had chance to taste this band's music yet, you might give this mini a try, maybe it will stir your interest about the rest of their production.

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