lunedì 30 settembre 2013

KAUSALGIA - Farewell [english version]

Band: Kausalgia
Title: Farewell
Year: 2012
From: Finland
Label: Pest Productions
Author: LordPist

1. Reincarnated
2. The Drug
3. Lupaus
4. Farewell
5. As The Curtain Falls


It is not easy for a new band to emerge in the crowded Finnish scene, it often happens that acts aiming at the top just end up being "the poor man's Children Of Bodom", or just another copy of Stratovarius, and so on. However, there are some bands that manage to find their comfortable niche, limited to a certain scope or market, such as Kausalgia (born from the ashes of Hypotermia). As it happened to other bands that signed up with Pest, this EP had already been released in digital format, before the label went on to produce a digipak edition adding the fifth track. The packaging is humble, featuring a quite generic artwork (a little girl wearing a bloodstained dress, coming out of a cabin in the woods) and a photo of the band on the inside.

The band — founded by Markus Heinonen — comes from a mainly melodic black background, also including some doom passages somewhat reminiscent of their fellow countrymen Swallow The Sun. After the opener "Reincarnated", we're hit by a frontal assault with "The Drug", which features really solid riffing and sticks to the head straight away. Heinonen’s scream is notable and works well with the rest of the band. The second two tracks, "Lupaus" and "Farewell", tread on a different path, closer to the projects' more "doomish" face, although we can still hear a few faster moments here and there. The final song — not casually entitled "As The Curtain Falls" — opens with a keyboard intro and then moves towards melodic territories, even though it struggles in finding its way after what we have just listened to.

The EP "Farewell" is basically a good product for those who like melodic black mixed with something else, there are some nice riffs and the band seems to know its trade well. The vocals are notable; I am curious about seeing Kausalgia deal with a longer work, to learn if they're able to keep the listener focused for more than twenty minutes or not.

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