lunedì 30 settembre 2013

MOTORFINGER - Coming In Clear [english version]

Band: Motorfinger
Title: Coming In Clear
Year: 2013
Origin: Norway
Label: Self-released
Author: LordPist

1. Never Mine
2. Double Rainbow
3. My Secrets
4. Arms Of The Sun


When we talk about Norway on these pages, it is usually because of black metal-related bands, so it is quite uncommon for us to review an alternative rock album coming from Oslo. "Coming In Clear" is the second EP released by Motorfinger (two years after the first "Best Of") and it doesn't try to hide the influences behind the quintet.

The band, founded in 2009, chose a name which is an obvious tribute to Soundgarden, while the cover jokingly refers to "Nevermind". In the music sphere it is very frequent to witness all sorts of revivals of styles coming from the past; here Motorfinger strive to restore an explicitly '90s thread, perhaps also inspired by the big comebacks of influential bands such as Alice In Chains or Soundgarden themselves.

Maurice Adams' vocal style is very close to Chris Cornell's, sometimes reminding us of Eddie Vedder or even Myles Kennedy when it gets more melodic ("Double Rainbow"). Fossli and Lundh take their guitars mainly between Cantrell and Thayil, at the same time displaying an audibly modern approach, gone through the many Puddle Of Mudd, Alter Bridge and other bands of the late '90s-'00s.

However, none of the tracks runs over four minutes, thus making the EP very straightforward and easily digested in all of its parts. There is no trace — at least for the time being — of darker and more painful passages, which have been distinctive traits of both Alice In Chains and Soundgarden.

This band is a potentially interesting newcomer in the Norwegian scene, not exactly one of the most mentioned when talking about alternative rock. We will look forward to listening to their first LP, wishing them to be able to make all of their excellent influences work even more consciously, with the chance to expand their sound being given more recording time.

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