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Antonie Mrusek - Vocals
André Epp - Guitar
Daniel Thunig - Guitar
Mat Rahlmeyer - Bass
Regi Sukopp - Drums

Hi guys, welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine. May we have a short presentation of your band?

Hi, we are Diary About My Nightmares from Germany. We play music together since 2001 and just released our second album “Forbidden Anger”.

I have heard many times "Forbidden Anger", I found it enjoyable and inspiring, How did the album? And what are the natural changes that you noticed from your first release?

The songs are more compact on this album. On “Vermächtnis” we had a lot of music in one song what could have been more songs but we liked to make long songs that tell a whole story. Now both the music and the lyrics get faster to their point what gave the album a lot more dynamic.

Personally, I liked "Deathinfection" fast and powerful and "Ewigkeit" where Antonie pulls his best vocal performance. Who is responsable for composing the music and who the lyrics?

It is the guys that make the music and me who writes the lyrics. Of course we comment each others work but you can divide it like that.


Can you tell us something about the lyrics of your songs?

I can write a book about it if you want. ;o) My lyrics are very personal and always have something to do with my life somehow. I couldn’t really write something about die, destroy and kill or
something politicial so I have my subject and try to put them in the songs so they fit the music.

Fill in your riffing flashes of melodic, what do you think of this abuse of tract too melodic to commercialize the proposed? The music of plastic over?

I don’t understand that question I have to admit…


How are relationships with your label?

So far everything is fine. The Label did a good job with the promotion and we are in contact to get the newest updates.

What are you doing the promotion of the album?

The label is of course doing most of the work. We promote our music by playing liveshows and keep our homepage/Myspace updated.


What kind of relation do you have with your supporters? What do you think of virtual communities and social networks?

I think it is weird acutally. Platforms like Myspace are great for bands but I am not into that chat-stuff anymore (I visit my msypace 4 times a year and don’t know anything about Facebook). It makes it easy to get in touch with people all over the world but I am not sure how deep these friendships will be.
And sometimes really crazy stuff happens because everyone has the possibility to pretend to be everyone. That is sometimes not cool.

What listen the D.A.M.N.? What is the music you love?

That is different. I think we like almost all kind of music. Some like Hiphop and others popmusic. But we all like Metal fortunately.


There is something in the metal scene that really gives you trouble and which would you honestly without? What would you change if you could?

I am pretty pissed about the money you get or better don’t get and pig-screams.
When we play shows we don’t really want to earn money for ourselves but we have expenses which have to be paid and my opinion is that every band deserves that. We sit in the car for hours and spend a whole weekend on just one show sometimes (and we like it) but you have to be realistic.
And pig-screams are just ridiculous just like the name.


Germany and a metal consolidated duo, there are bands that you would recommend for listening or with whom you would like to share the stage?

One band is definitely Magna Mortalis! And we already shared the stage with them and will again. And then many well-known bands. Behemoth or Kataklysm.


Can you tell us the best things that happened you on-stage? Do you have a live performance you would like to repeat?

There was a festival in Austria 2 years ago what was really great and last year there were some shows I think went pretty well like Riedfest in Germany or Metal Mean in Belgium.


Would we ever see you live in Italy?

I would appreciate that.


Thanks for the time you spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you:

Hail Satan of course and maybe you like to check our music out an leave us a message in our guestbook or on myspace.

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