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INTESTINAL (english version)

Autore: Mourning

Lord Gorecunt - Vocal
Testicular Mutilation - Guitar
Fleshraper - Bass
NecroCock - Drums

1) Hi guys, welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine. May we have a short presentation of your band?

Hello, we are a old school Swedish death metal band that started a year ago by Johan Widlund (Drummer) and Fredrik Arnesson(Singer) and it was meant to be a studio project. But later we joined the band (Niklas Lindberg and Johan Thorsell)because they wanted a full line up and start a more serious band. After we recorded our demo "Maggot filled flesh" we got in contact with psycho records and at the autumn of 2009 we started to record our debut album "Human harvest".

2) Your debut album "Human Harvest" is a tribute to the stronger school of your country, what you are interested in that sound?

We come from a very small town in Sweden and this kind of music is very popular here and we have great bands like Facebreaker and Tormented, Edge of sanity was also from our town, so we kind of grew in to it by the years of living.
And we have always liked bands like Dismember, Entombed and Grave. We always loved to play that kind of music because it’s so fun, just shred and get crazy.

3) The songs have a taste purely old, and titles: Licking A Dead Cunt, Skinripped Whore and Dead raped Forever are the exaltation of the most gruesome.
Combined with the music the most macabre filmography?

The most members of the band likes old horror movies and collect most of them so of course the movies is an influence to our music.

4) What is the best way to enjoy an album like "Human Harvest"?

From our own experience we know that you can always enjoy a very good death metal album! But the best way to enjoy human harvest would be a great night with beer and your metalhead friends.

5) How do you write a song?

Most of the time Me (Niklas Lindberg) and Johan Widlund do the riff writing and we kind of write it together and test plays the new song and see if it sound good, and then we present it to the band if it sounds good. Then Fredrik start to write lyrics or see if we have some old lyrics to combine with the riffs.

6) Have you recorded the disc in the studio of Claes Holmbergs of Tormented, why this choice?

We didn’t have much of a budget to record the album and we have known Claes for a while so we thought it was a good choice. It was a bonus because he has the studio in the same building that we are rehearsal in. And we recorded our demo at the same studio and when we got in contact with psycho records they said that they loved the sound so we decided to record the album there to.

7) What relationships are with other bands on the scene?

Because we are a new band, the most of the bands that we have contact with is from Sweden. And we have been on our first mini euro tour there we got to know a few other bands. Now we’re hoping that the longer we play and the more we get to travel around on tours and gigs, we are sure we are going to get a much bigger contact net.

8) The sound of first Sweden wave comeback as fashion now, the old man moves could say. What did the metal scene today? Lacking ideas or you are just going back to play genuine?

It’s very hard to say why that sound now is coming back, but our own thoughts about this would be that the music has developed very much during the last 20 years. Now, the metal-fans start to look back and listen to that old sound. The sound that made the genre of music popular in the first place. Maybe people get tired of the newer kind of death metal. Who knows? All we can say for ourselves is that we have always likes the old sound. That’s why it’s hard for us to say why the first wave now is coming back.

9) What is the underground for you?

We like the underground because there is so much great artists out there, especially in the death metal underground scene because it’s so big. And the most of the bands have one thing on their mind: "It’s no fucking business".

10) Why did you choose to play metal music? What has made you think: this is what I want to play?

Like we said before we have always loved this music and it’s so fun to play, so it was easy to get stuck in this genre. Don’t know what more to say. It’s as simple as that.

11) May you tell us the best and the worst experience you had on-stage

The best experience was in Wroclaw in Poland, we played last and got really drunk and gave the polish people a hell of a show. Our singer run of the stage moshing and singing the same time while we other guys were headbanging our heads of and shredded liked hell. And now we move on to the worst experience, and it has to be our first gig in our hometown Finspång. Our playing wasn’t that tight and we all got some small problems on our own, the first song our drummer smashed the drumstick into two while he were counting down the song on the snare drum and our singer was a bit sick so he couldn’t get his voice as he wanted. And we (Niklas and Johan Thorsell) played pretty untight and half way thru the gig I (Johan Thorsell) got some pain in the arm, dropped the pick and started to play with the fingers. Overall it was a real bad gig we thought, but audience liked it. Haha

12) Would we ever see you live in Italy?

Of course you will! On the tour we were talking about before it was meant to be from the beginning that it would be a bigger tour in several more countries including Italy. So we’re hoping to come to Italy and play on another tour in the future.

13) Thanks for the time you spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you:

If you readers like Swedish old school death metal, check out our MySpace at and if you like our music you should buy the cd, Human Harvest! Keep shredding, keep support death metal and stay tuned for our future! Thank you!

Anwsers by Johan Thorsell(bass) and Niklas Lindberg(Guitar)

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