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DEEP DESOLATION (2011) (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
Martinous - Vocals
Meriath - Guitars
Markiz - Guitars
Piorun - Bass
Wilku - Drums

Here we are with the polish Deep Desolation, who soon debuted with their album "Subliminal Visions".

How are you, guys? How do you feel after releasing your first "creature"?

Meriath: We are very happy, that this album was finally released. Many people can hear our official production, and we can spread our music to every place in the world. We are also very proud, because after all that hard work in recording studio, we can surely say, that it was worth it.

Can you please make a presentation of your band for our readers?

Deep Desolation was brought to life by Markiz - guitarist, who is our leader and "the main engine"; Behind the microphone we have Martinous - a person, who gives 100% of him, when creating his screammy parts; Piorun plays on bass guitar, and he is in the band from the early beginnings; Wilku is a young drummer, who joined us in year 2010, after Darek - our first drummer - left the band and country for work; And I - Meriath. I play on guitar and sometimes i make vocals (especially, when we played live, and Martinous was abroad).

"Subliminal Visions" is a deep and bleak album, a great mix of black/doom. Which bands influenced you most? And which albums are most important in developing Deep Desolation's sound?

To tell You the truth - I could write here hundreds of band names. But most of all, I think that bands, that "can be heard" on "Subliminal Visions" are definitely: Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Burzum, Khold, Electric Wizard... With our music we're exalting especially metal creations of the 80's and early 90's. That specific vibe of psychedelic rock, doom metal, early black and death etc. In other words - our most influence is a very dark, weird and evil music. As for the sound - we love how sounds for example Electric Wizard or Skitliv. We've been listening to them on our rehearsals, and we took that cd's to the recording studio. Markiz said something like "Hey man, we want to sound like that! We want the most ill and dark sound, you could ever imagine...". And because Mariusz, who was our sound engineer is our dear friend - the effect was more than gratifying.

Who writes the lirycs? And how do you manage the composition's duty?

Lyrics for our debut album was wrote by Markiz and Martinous. Some of them was based on personal experience, some was surely created in the most desolated parts of their souls. Music on this album was fully composed by Markiz. When I came to the band, I brought a couple of ideas, mostly on arranging the songs, but the composer of this album is Markiz.

I really appreciate "Everlasting War" with its choirs in the background. I've found some conceptual similarity with some Marduk's slow parts, do you agree?

We like Marduk very much and we're regarding their music. I think, that the feeling of Marduk similarity is enhanced by vocals which are also as sick as there.

Do you like the production of the album? I think it's a little bit raw. Is there something you would change for your next album?

Yes, we can for sure tell, that we are satisfied with the production. The sound is raw, but it was known from the beginning, that this will be the sound of this album. Maybe in future we'll think about more down-tuned sound, with more depths. On second album there will be a little difference in vocal parts, because I will record one, maybe two songs there. There will be also some guests, but... it will be in the future.

Have "Subliminal Visions" been received by the musical magazines? Do they like it?

As far as I know - some magazines will get it, or maybe, they have it already. Our label is instantly sending the CD's to various places. For now We have found a couple of reviews, and we must say, that we're more than happy, because the ratings of "Subliminal Visions" is very good. Of course some people didn't like it as much as others, but to generalise it - maniacs love it!

You come from Poland, one of the lands with the best extreme metal's scene of the planet and many of you have already played in other bands. What do you think about the changes in metal music since the '90?

The evolution of Black Metal at the beginning of 90's and with it - the input of extreme ideology tu the music. I mention those days with great sentiment. I was growing up at these years, and such albums like "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss", "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" or "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" strongly affected me. Unfortunately, the ending of the 90's was murderous for Black Metal. There were to many bands, they went into mainstream, there were no ideas for further evolution of the genre. Only the next decade let the Art of Black Metal to reborn.

Poland is the land of the Pope Wojtyla, but it's also full of hate against christian religion. What do you think about religion in general?

I really hate it. Its uniquely stupid ideology attended to manipulate stupid masses. The only precious element in this religion (but only in symbolic meaning) is Lucifer - Satan, God's opponent. I think, that Satan have real divine root, because he aspire for implement his values as prevailing, and not executing someones orders. In my opinion this whole ideology is collapsing, and I really enjoy it! For example - in London churches are set for auctions. You can buy it, and open a whorehouse in it! As for Poland - what really fucks me off is that parochial catholicism. And the fact, that we had polish Pope made it even worse - Poland signed the concordat. I think that the communist regime was too much indulgent for The Church - none of that pigs shouldn't be left living.

Many big labels strongly support digital sellings, many underground labels prefer a more material support for music, what do you think? Better mp3 or cd-vynils?

Downloading mp3's is ok, when you want only to hear the album and then - buy it. Its OK, because CD's, for example in Poland, costs a lot of money, and I understand, that someone don't want to buy something unknown. But that's not what we were fighting for - as we used to say in our country. As for vinyls - its something specific. Something full of magic, with the taste of old times. Everyone in our band is collecting vinyls, and to tell you the trought - we hope, that some day Deep Desolation will also release a vinyl...

What do you think about webzines, forums and magazines. Which is the best way in your opinion to spread the passion of music?

I think, that every kind of promotion is great, and should last. Nowadays many people prefer to read somthing on computer's monitor, so - I think - maybe forums and webzines are somehow better? But in other case - normal, printed magazine, that can be taken to hand, taken to work in bag... Its a little bit similar with vinyl albums - there is some kind of magic in it. Web page can be deleted, and paper magazine - if you'll not burn it - it will last.

How is a perfect live performance for Deep Desolation?

First of all - thousands of fans below the stage. Great lights, great sound, no strings breaking. And offcourse - good bands that we will play with and after concert - drink too much and smoke some funny things.

Have we any possibilities to see you live in Italy?

We hope so! We would love to play in other country, and whenever there will be an opportunity to play in Italy - we will come and play. Who knows? Maybe someday we will get an invitation for some festival, or some band will invite us? Time will come.

The interview is at the end, thanks a lot for staying with us, we leave you the last words for our readers.

Thanks a lot for reading our words, if you don't have "Subliminal Visions" yet - get it and destroy your neighbor ears with our sounds!!! HAIL!

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