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RYE WOLVES (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend, Fedaykin

Line Up
Abe Nobody - Bass, Vocals
Robin McDougall - Guitars, Vocals
Kellen Holte - Drums, Percussion

Three years after the release of "Oceans Of Delicate Rain" Rye Wolves are back, let's deepen the discussion on "Species Battle In The Branches", the new work of this doom/sludge band.

Welcome to Aristocrazia Webzine, we begin by presenting the band to our readers? Who are Rye Wolves and how were they born?

Rye Wolves came into existence by gathering our desire for art, placing it upon an old piece of wood, and then letting it grow into something completely all encompassed by an unseen return to nature.

How are passed these three years have outdistanced the release of your two jobs?

We have worked slowly on this release due to the busy lives we lead and the chaos that simply "is".

"Species Battle In The Branches" has lived up to expectations, no-frills, heavy and above all "true", thanks to a "raw" production. What are the compositional basics that gave him life? How does your song born?

The first song on our new album, "Tearing At The Shapes",was originally recorded in a very primitive form for our first release that was not acceptable to us. We worked on it more, with our new drummer for this new record, and it finally came to life as you hear it now. It is important for us to make sure things feel right when writing and recording. These songs definitely came to be by listening to the echoes inside of us, and somehow transmitting that inner signal into a tangible form. This is a process which seems to be getting better for us as we grow.

What is the mood you need to shape a claustrophobic and outstretched piece as "Malnutrition Bends The Beak"?

"Malnutrition .." is our ode to H.P. Lovecraft in trilogy form based on three of his stories. The stories referenced are "The Crawling Chaos, "The Hound" & "The Outsider". The mood is essentially set by the haunting chill that resonates from his works and we strive to create a piece of music that really challenges everything. This can be difficult for those who are subjectively stuck on genres, and the confines therein. The point for us was to create a piece of art that is unique and an extension of how chaos has no boundaries. This universe is really illusory as hell. That said, it is likely that each individual will come away from it with a different subjective experience.

Abe's voice sometimes seems to be literally possessed, the music is a way to unleash their demons against the surrounding world?

The world is fucked up. It was not always that way. Only those with little or no conscience are truly blind to that. The possession you may hear stems from an inner voice that is not satiated by our culture's transparent and completely disconnected existence. Humans really are going against everything we should truly be in a collective sense.

I would not go wrong but if I remember correctly between your influences there is H.P. Lovecraft. What attracts you of the dimension narrated by the teacher of Providence?

Lovecraft had some sort of illumination if you will, into something very different. Who is to say what galagitc vistas one has gazed upon, or whose presence has been invoked? This detailed vision that was his is enough to not only inspire, but to make one ask some questions about things that are not openly revealed.

Instead, in the first album you mentioned Frank Miller, who gives the title to the opener, have you a passion for comic books too? What are the ones that you have followed and read with greater passion?

Frank Miller used to be a great story teller. He used to draw a good book AND write an amazing story. I read much of his Daredevil series and his Dark Knight is a particularly good interpretation of the mythos surrounding the vigilante in a modern world. However, it does seem hollywood has turned him into a bit of a nut job these days as his rants are racially disturbing online, and the film (if you dare call it that), "300" seemed like some horrificly long propaganda commercial for weak-minded americans to join the marines and fight the evil dark skinned multitudes, who just happen to be of middle eastern descent. He is a total wingnut crypto fascist these days. sigh... Old issues of Swamp Thing are big in our camp as well.

Why did you choose to self-produce "Species Battle In The Branches"? Do not have come interesting offers or at least the attempt to confirm the relationship with Australis?

Rye Wolves wanted to make sure to be accountable to no one but ourselves. AB does not repond to us at all when contacted. He has burned more bridges than he knows in the Northwest. We have not received an offer by anyone we want to work with. As opposed to waiting, we self released "Species..." in a limited pressing of cd's that were hand assembled, and put our releases up on Bandcamp & Last FM. We are going to press vinyl of this sooner than later and will most likely do it ourselves on our own label, which we are starting now. Belief Mower Records.

What is your thought about the music scene today? And specifically about the stylistic landscape to which you belong?

Anyone who says there is nothing going on musically right now is not paying attention. There are so many good bands that it is hard to keep up. Rye Wolves are truly inspired and honored to play along side of our favorite bands in the world. We adore these landscapes and we always will.

Today the band promote themselves via sites like Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Jamendo finding some more feedback than they receive through the streets until now considered conventional (label & promotion). In your opinion, this trend will lead the market to an even more extreme spread of the mp3 at the expense of physical media?

It is important for artists to have the rights to their own work. Anything worth really doing is worth working hard for. People are going to buy physical cd's less & less as this electronic age ensues. These sites are at least viable in this respect. Vinyl is really still our favorite media, but mp3's, etc. are the way people can instantly access your art. If they are moved by it, they will seek it out in its physical form. That is a good thing.

What are the last albums you bought? And those who have paved the way for this kind of sound?

Buy everything from THOU because they are a perfect example of a band that is not really confined solely to a genre with each release. The S.v.e.s.t. / Deathspell Omega split is stellar, as is the new Blut Aus Nord, Krallice, Eagle Twin, HELL, Fell Voices, Ash Borer & Mania/Huldrekall split cassette.

How does it feel bringing on stage these songs? What is the best way to enjoy your performance?

Lately, it feels better than ever before, with the addition of our brand new drummer, Kellen Holte. He really is helping as we pick up the velocity for all of the new material we are creating right now. The mood is exciting as we get pretty worked up on stage, and are are able to more and more, let go, and truly dwell within the moment that is washing over us and the listener.

There was an evening or festival that you remember memorable? And one that was born crooked and ended worse?

In late October this year, we had the distinct pleasure of doing a few tour dates with VELNIAs, who are one of the best working psychedelic blackmetal bands in the world. Every date was magical, but it seemed to be a pinnacle moment in portland on samhain when we shared the stage with L'Acephale, Velnias, Ash Borer, Hell & Black Queen. Fucking unbelievable line up and a very evening that will not be forgotten. The last night of tour in May, we were up against the legendary band, DOOm from the uk. I did not like playing a block away from that show as we knew exactly where everyone was, the DOOM show. We didn't blame anyone for it. It was DOOM. They never play. Sometimes it is like that.

2011 was almost closed, if you were to write your own ranking of satisfaction which would be the five metal and the five non-metal albums that you recommend to buy?

Rye Wolves Metal 2011 Picks:
1) Fell Voices - "Untitled II"
2 )Blut Aus Nord - "777 Sects"
3) Krallice - "Diotima"
4) Deathspell Omega / S.V.E.S.T. - "Veritas Diaboli Manet In Aeternum"
5) Mania / Huldrekall split cassette
*Thou "Summit" & Eagle Twin - "The Unkindness Of Crows" still in heavy rotation.

Rye Wolves non-metal 2011 Picks:
1) Grails - "Deep Politics"
2) Boris - "Attention Please"
3) Panda Bear - "Tomboy"
4) Diminished Men - "Capnomancy"
5) Aelter - "III"

Future projects? There's something moving in the yard of Rye Wolves?

We are writing new material now and will be recording a new full length when the time is right. Hopefully by mid-winter. The ever expanding universe beckons us to reach further outward into the subconscious folds in order to summon forth that which cannot be named.

We are at the end, want you to say something to our readers to close this interview in the best way?

Rye Wolves have an interest in coming to Europe as soon as possible! We love the clear and decided way so many seem to make art a part of their lives. Our new efforts are the most spirited yet. Stay tuned!

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