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TERRORDOME (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
Uappa Terror - Guitars, Vocals
Tom The Srom - Bass
Paua Siffredi - Guitars
Mekong MinEtaur - Drums

Eighties thrash, adrenaline, alcohol and entertainment on stage, the crossover scene has always been the wildest, committed and certainly it is not dead. The Poles Terrordome have produced the debut "Mosh'll Show You, Bitch!", a title that says it all, in this 2011. Let know them better.

Welcome guys, how are you? Are you ready to begin?

Uappa Terror: Hello Gabriele! Ready, steady, go!

Tom The Srom: Cheers! Bring it on!

Who are Terrordome and how did the band born?

Uappa Terror: As I remember, the main idea appeared in 2004 in my mind, because I always wanted to create something new which was the mixture of energetic hardcore punk with fast and brutal metal. Then I met Mekong which was ideal supplement for the band and became great friend of mine! It was 2005 when the band started spreading the terror.

Where does the choice of monicker come from?

Uappa Terror: Terrordome came from three different things! The first one was the band called Public Enemy and their absolute great song called "Welcome To The Terrordome". The other one was the New Orlean’s stadium called "Terrordome" which was a bad place for its occupants when Hurricane Katrina destroyed the town. The next one is we always to spread the terror! To be extreme, fast and total destruction to humans mind. We wanted to have every gig like a dome and terror underneath. That’s Terrordome. It’s pure thrash metal!

What are the basics of your sound? What are the realities with which you grew up and that prompted you to play in this way?

Uappa Terror: We grew up on Dark Angel, S.O.D., Razor. Typical 80’s thrash metal/crossover bands. The way we chose is very simple. Energy and speed are our basic features.

Tom The Srom: Yeah, mostly very aggressive and fast thrash metal, but not only! For me there was always a strong element of hard core/punk and grind core in our music. Uappa, who's the main songwriter in the band is under a huge influence of h/c punk and crust, he blends the sloppiness and filth of those styles with precision and aggression of thrash metal. And it gives a thrilling mixture! That makes us very brutal – and very often more brutal and faster than any other bands in the genre that are around today, haha!

In the Polish scene, who are your adventurers fellow? There are bands with whom you share the same stage or whit whom you are in relationships of estimates and friendship?

Uappa Terror: Yes, there’s a lot of band which play thrash metal but there’s onle few which are my favourite. From these above, which we follow are KAT and Wolf Spider. When we talk about local, small bands, we can say that every band is different. Of course we have a lot of bands which give a shit about what they play and they are called "thrash metal" which is total bullshit. All in all, we’ve a lot of friends and I can say that friendship built best gigs and our jointly spent time. What’s more, after six years of playing in Terrordome we decided to release a compilation with best polish thrash metal bands, which is called "Goddamn Damnation Thru Compilation". The CD will be available in the beginning of the 2012. From our best thrash metal local bands I can propose you Fortress, Rusted Brain, Metaliator and Swiniopas.

Tom The Srom: We're in a great relationship with a band called Fortress, that's because me and Mekong are playing there, also we like jolly fellows from Świniopas, Whorehouse and Soul Collector.

You debuted with an album, "We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch!", which is a real bomb. Short songs, sustained rhythms and much involvement. As has been composing it? You prefer instinctive jam from the rehearsal room and perhaps with high alcohol content or you have an accurate way to give shape to the songs?

Uappa Terror: We have our own rehearsal room, where we can practice a lot.Usually everyone comes with his own ideas for the rehearse. Then we start to stick riffs, finding some bridges, comparisons and when we have the shape of the track, then we start playing it and looking for some special supplements. It’s quite easy and makes the work really effective.

Tom The Srom: We jam a lot, he brings a riff or two, then we are putting them together and then decide, what to do next, we try many things, to see what fits best. Sometimes somebody starts a riff or something “straight out of his head” and we join him. A lot of our songs “are born” this way, so I think that we actually "jam"! Everything's very spontaneous!

Is "Broken Government" a criticism of the government in general? Speaking of government we have circus figures, because everything revolves around the person of Mr. Berlusconi, you know him? How is the political situation in Poland?

Uappa Terror: Exactly, we’re totally fed up with our government. It’s broken, we have there a lot of turmoil and disorganization. Lack of money and unhappiness from typical citizen makes the nation crawl in a deep shit. It’s is bad. I know Berlusconi a little from media hehe! Our newspapers write a lot of his personality and attach some photos from funny "bunga, bunga" parties. Generally I am don’t know his political rules, so I can’t judge. I hope to talk about it with somebody from Italy because this is very interesting.

Tom The Srom: Haha, I've heard that your prime minister was a real player! Every government has got its issues, so I think that this song is very universal. People always nag about politicians, recognize government as a tool of oppression, the same thing is in Poland. I will not get into our political scene because it's not a time and place for such things, but I can say that we also had few very controversial figures in government, like Andrzej Lepper (R.I.P), who was, like your prime minister, accused for sexual harassment.

Politics, sex, alcohol, violence, the metal world is often on the edge because it was considered non-intellectual by an "inteligencia" which in reality in not so. How important is to be genuinely reflected in your own lyrics? There is a lyric to which you are more closely related?

Uappa Terror: Every lyric from our album some experience for me. It talks about something, it’s not taken from nothing. The special are "The Whole Audience Goes Full Blast" talking about gigs and people coming onto them and "Bad Motherfucker" about my fucked up neighbour haha.

Tom The Srom: I'm not writing lyrics in Terrordome, but my favourite lyric is also the last song on our CD, "The Whole Audience Goes Full Blast". I think it caught the atmosphere of our concerts, it perfectly shows our attitude when we're playing live. Just read it and you will get a perfect picture of Terrordome on stage!

Crossover thrash is back in fashion in an overflowing way, but I have the impression that, compared to a past in which people like Nuclear Assault (come-back unfortunately avoidable) and D.R.I. unleashed big disks, now many of your colleagues have the lack to rely at too clean productions and some unpleasant catchy inflection, so define it to be good. It's hard to be personal, then it should follow the laws of the market at the moment? It is not a message in contrast with a metal/hardcore passion in general?

Uappa Terror: I think crossover thrash is still underground music. Not so much people listens to this kind of music, because it’s not so popular as everybody thinks because there is Municipal Waste, Vitamin X and others which are quite popular in latest few years. There is still not so much bands to do it. As I know, I Poland there are 4 or 5 crossover bands like Terrordome. I’d like to have more! What’s more, it is obvious that new types of music such like metalcore, screamo, deathcore eat typical metal bands for a breakfast. We are next for the dinner haha. Fashion is fashion, and I don’t think we’re so popular these days. It’s hard to be on the top, but I would love to be heard with "We’ll Show You Mosh, Bitch!" by more people in Poland and abroad! Would be grateful. So that except selling physical CD’s in jewel cases, we give our album for free in mp3.

Tom The Srom: Terrordome always had a strong and defined personality: ultrafast, brutal music, raw sound and aggressive lyrical content. I can't see how the laws of the market could have an affect on us, the field that we're in is very distant from any kind of commercial stuff. We are completely outside of such things. We would not work well with polished sound, slow tempos and songs about joy and love. If we ever wanted to do so, we would have to start an another band, haha!

Poland is a frequent guest of Aristocrazia Webzine, what makes particular the link between your nation and metal?

Uappa Terror: Oh, I didn’t know that! That’s good! I don’t exactly know what part of metal in the World is dedicated to our country in percents. We have some strong bands well-known in the World like KAT, Vader and Behemoth. But as I think we have a lot of metalheads here and as far as I am concerned, what can make smile on your face hehe, only intelligent and sensitive peoplne are familiar with metal music.

Tom The Srom: I don't know, maybe that's because we're a very catholic country and young people think that playing metal is the best way to avoid church, haha! Of course, it's a joke, but there's a little bit of truth in it. I think rock music (and metal in a result) in general was always an universal tool against any kind of oppression, some kind of a bloodless protest and the best way to express how much you're fed up with the world and reality. You might have heard that once we weren't a free country at all, we were a part of the communist bloc, so there was a lot of things to be against. That was the fuel for this rebellion and mutiny in young people, expressed in the most violent kind of music and I think that such feelings are still strong even today, when we are free.

Poland is well known in the world for the "extreme" field, as it defends in trash? Bands to be reported?

Uappa Terror: Best polish thrash metal bands are definitely early KAT and Wolf Spider, early Alastor and Quo Vadis. I don’t know any more bands, because thrash is less popular in Poland. I think death metal is the main domain of Polish metal stage.

Tom The Srom: Poland definitely stands for death and black metal. We've got a really strong scene, and I'm not talking only about Vader or Behemoth. I'm not into those kinds of music at all, but I must admit that the albums of the bands like Azarath or Furia really works for me. Thrash metal scene is weaker (not in quality, but in the number of the bands) but I strongly recommend acts like Whorehouse, The No-Mads, Psychopath, Immense Decay and Soul Collector (they are about to release a debut CD).

Thrash is the genre that had a steady revival, people like Metallica and Megadeth have recently released: the first, an album where they supported (or tolerated) Lou Reed, that is more worse of "St. Anger", the second a mediocre disk that also refished out from the past re-recorded bonus tracks, "Th1rt3en". The Big Four, in your opinion, had really represented the best of the genre or you would have seen better stocked with other names to represent it?

Uappa Terror: If I can manage them I would leave only Slayer. They could called themselves "King (You know who’s best) with three subjects" or give up its seat to more energetic bands with Slayer on the top. All in all I respect only Slayer as a thrash, and rest is hard rock for me. Personally, the big four should be Slayer, Exodus, Dark Angel and Evildead haha.

Tom The Srom: Wasn't "The Big 4" a term that had its origins in the 80s? Back in the day, those bands were really great and they did awesome shows. I've never understood why Anthrax was considered to be one of the four greatest thrash metal bands ever, until I saw their concert in Hammersmith Odeon on the tape... it was pure energy and wilderness on a big stage! Nowadays, I've got a feeling that everybody got a little bit worn out... apart from the guys from Slayer, of course, haha! I don't really like Metallica, I only like their first two records and after “Ride The Lightning” I fall asleep every time I try to listen to them. That's why I'm not in touch with the things they do now, but I've heard that their collaboration with Lou Reed was a total disaster. Not surprised at all! New Megadeth is ok, nothing really great, nothing really bad, just another "perfect" product.

What have been your recent music purchases?

Uappa Terror: Last time I bought CD’s like: S.O.D. "Bigger Than A Devil" and Fortress "Modern Days Society", from DVD’s: I bought Type 0 Negative "Symphony For The Devil". Also I got some CD’s from Dekapited from Chile, which is very cool stuff. What’s more I received a package from guys from Shock Troopers, they’re great! "Blades And Rods" is really fucking armageddon! Hope to see them thrashing in Poland when they have some tour!

Tom The Srom: Unfortunately, I bought only one CD during last few months: Bulldozer "Neurodeliri".

We're talking about live, how you are moving in this direction? Have you already had occasion to present on stage the songs of "Mosh'll Show You, Bitch!"? What was the impact with the public?

Uappa Terror: Yes, we try to promote the material as well not only in Poland! We had some mini tour in Slovakia, Hangary, Poland and Lithuania. We played with our friends from bands Blood Dries First, Watch My Dying, Conan First Date and more oldschool thrash bands like: Eliminator, Catastrophy and Radiation. It was great time, we’d like to do it again next year. The impact was imminent haha! The public was crazy and there was some circle pitting, walls of death etc. Maybe not every club was full, we had fun at every gig! It was awesome tour promoting "We’ll Show You Mosh, Bitch!” album. Next time we would like to visit some more countries like Germany, Sweden and even Italy!

Tom The Srom: People are in love with "WSYMB", haha! The CD was really warmly welcomed abroad and in Poland, and we've got an awesome feedback from our fans, which is really great. This music was made to play it live, so needless to say, the gigs are crazy! People are jumping all around, drinking, bashing each other... Good friendly violent fun, plain and simple, haha! As for the gigs...East conquered, now it's time for us to go west! For sure Germany is next to conquer, haha!

Who are Terrordome outside the band? Passions, work, etc...

Uappa Terror: Paua is studying architecture and he slowly finishes the studies. Tom, Me and Mekong have just finished studies. I am the typical worker in the local warehouse and Mekong is still looking for some job connected do the history and also Tom which finished Marketing is looking for some job. We are quite simple men, which like to go somewhere and show what instruments are really for haha. We like getting to know some other cultures and taste regional food and beer. Also Tom and Mekong play in thrash metal bands like Viatic, Traktor and Fortress.

Tom The Srom: Uappa almost said it all. I can only add that apart from playing metal, I also love to draw, especially graphic novels. Since I was a child I've been a Batman, Spider-Man and Spawn fan and I always wanted to draw comic books like, for example, Todd McFarlane. I'm practicing a lot and hope that someday I will draw something bigger and show it to the public!

We concluded guys, once again I leave you the word for a final message to our readers.

Uappa Terror: Thank you for the interview, thanks everybody which was about to read the interview from desk to desk. Visit our website to get some more news and support your local scene because it’s very important thing in every city! Cheers!

Tom The Srom: Thanks for your time and for the interview! Hails to all of people who listen to our stuff!

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