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FILE OF GHOSTS (english version)

Author: Insanity

Line Up
Sami - All instruments & vocals

Hi guy, welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine. Which are your main inspirations (both musical and non-musical ones)?

All kind of music with energy, passion, feelings and good ideas. ( Like Mozart, Sex Pistols, The Prodigy, Serj Tankian, Opeth, Nirvana, Napalm Death, Moloken, Amorphis, Dimmu Borgir and so on...) FOG(fileofghosts) sucks influences everywhere: from nature, from media, from empty pocket, from chainsaw witch wont start....elements from your reality mixed up to fantasy

Why did you create this project?

At the moment i dont have time for real band. (Family and bread first), but im a person who have need to create. So, in this project I can create what I want, break rules and destroy and noone gets hurt. This is my hobby and my privat school of rock. This is the way I can learn something new, keep up rotten playing skills and knowledge of speaking english

Why did you choose the name FileOfGhosts?

I have a finnish project "KUMMITUSKANSIO" (now having a break) I made a clumsy translation and there it was. GOOGLE didnt find fileofghosts so I took the name.
Inpirations from "X-FILES" and phrase "skeleton in a closet"

What do you want to express to the listener with your music?

Primitive underground energy from swamp of metal. Something unstable and free. Something what goes through body and soul. Something pure and rotten.

Your sound is deliberately lo-fi, why did you make this choice?

I want to keep this lowbudget activity. I dont want to run all the time after latest toys and systems. You can hear that but also you can hear something unique. Sure I know that there are billion bands witch sounds better. Sure I know what music stores offers, but you cant buy the maddness of creation at any store. I dont have to rush. I want to progress with my own terms and speed. It is more funnier that way. And if this dont feel nice I can berry the whole shit and start to create angels to snow...or start jogging

How did you have the idea of the video for "The Nest Of Death"?

When I was twenty years younger I was very intrested in special effects an tricks in film making. With this video I can return to those funny days. Nowardays with cheap videocamera and computer from super market can create lot of cool effects also pure CAMP. "The Nest Of Death" music video tells about bird king who wants to die. You can read more some details about it from myspace blog.

How do you write your songs?

I got ideas usually from newspaper or television. All kind of things can be inspiration for lyricks.
Sometimes just one word can cause the mass effect of creation. Then I start to think "killer" lines. Sometimes this takes few hours sometimes few weeks. If I have several ideas I collect them down into paper. I usually create a short story and then I think how does this look like if this is a movie. Thinking of pictures helps me to find words. I wish my english were better...

Which themes are about your lyrics?

Love, hate, life, death, beauty and filth of real and unreal, feelings, big questions, nonsence, Everything. Nothing......what flows into mind

Finland in the past gave us many great Black Metal bands such as Beherit, Horna and Sargeist. How is the finnish Black Metal scene today?

Actually I dont know much about it. I crawl on my own path. Metal music in general is very popular in Finland.

What kind of relation do you have with your supporters? What do you think of virtual communities and social networks?

This project breaths through internet. There I drown with billions of profiles. Just launched a facebook profile for FOG. All seven fans are very important. And allkind of connections are important. Like this one.
Like another artists I like also get some feedback from my creations.

FileOfGhosts is a one man band, do you think you will play live with other musicians someday?

Good guestion! Lets say, never say never!

Do you have new ideas ready for a new work?

Step by step...collecting...I hope some mindblasting stuff will come in ten years or even faster

Thanks for the time you spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you


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