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OMINOUS CRUCIFIX (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
Rubens Nergal - Vocals
Crucifier - Guitars
Lord Dweller - Guitars
Omega Tyrant - Bass
The Executioner - Drums

Ominous Crucifix debut this year with "The Spell of Damnation" which we reviewed, will they be satisfied of it? Let's see what they can tell us.

Hi guys, welcome on our website. How are you? Did this 2012 start well for you?

Rubens: HELLs brother and sisters of death! Here Rubens answering your dark inquiries. We are all fine in a very putrid mood to keep doing "metal de muerte" until death surprises us. This year has become an amazing period to OC; first, the just released CD "The Spell Of Damnation" unleashed by one of the most promising label in Europe: FDA Recotz. We have a pending SPLIT with a very awesome European band than will be released this year. And finally but no less important, the LP version of our "The Spell..." that will be delivered via the Mexican label: Dark Recollections Productions. So, it’s exciting all the killer stuff that will be available from OC, and we are more than happy to see all our work finally completed.

How were Ominous Crucifix born? Talk about anything you want of your band.

It was the dark hand of destiny that set up the scenario for this band to appear from the void. We are five old mother fuckers near the 40s just pricing a new opportunity to deliver our black passion for death metal. There was no plan at the begging but the promise of having great weekends together drinking beer and listen to metal all day long in a small rehearsal room. Things became more interesting after the second come of death metal boom, between the 2007 and todays. Dozens of new bands emerged from the darkest places, some old ones return to the scene in a fantastic reborn. We have always influenced by the underworld scene, we are demons walking the path of no return, that path is Ominous Crucifix, an entity created for worshiping death and blasphemy... Amen.

We met the first time with the release of "Relics Of A Dead Faith", what changed since those times?

In "Relics Of A Dead Faith" we found our sound, we just added more morbid and evil elements into "The Spell Of Damnation". Lot of people says that it’s a very basic riffs and pragmatic music, well in fact it is! What is necessary to represent evil and blasphemy? harp and violins? Our music it’s more related to the underground scene not commercial. Our music is becoming more black, more dark, more atmospheric, more occult without paying attention to fancy and esthetical forms. Ominous Crucifix emerged in black aura.

My review ended wishing to have a longer work and now I have "The Spell Of Damnation", would you like to talk about it?

Well it seems that you already listen to it. Is it worth it? I think that is a piece that cannot be fully and easily understood. Expect a better work for the upcoming release but no descent.

I noticed that you gave importance to the atmospheric side of you music, dark but combative, which is the song that represent Ominous Crucifix at best?

I think "Defiling The Altars Of An Absent God".

Among the various influences, I noticed some references to bands of your nation, for example Sargatanas and Shub Niggurath. Do you feel similar ro them in your way of playing death metal? What do you think of these bands?

Great bands in their earlier forms. Today not in my favorite playlist. Impossible to compare these three bands, just Ominous Crucifix is different, not superior but different.

Do you listen to Deicide? I felt a strong sensation related to Benton's vocal lines in "Secular Omens Of Doom".

Really? Need to listen to those old records from Deicide, hope you are referring to first album. However I don’t think so... no.

How do your songs take life? Do you follow some schema or do you follow your instinct?

More instinct as you say, in a more natural and passionate feelings. We need to be just high enough to manifest our fury and all begins to take form.

"Spell Of Damnation" is really without any frills, another proof that going against the tide, avoiding thousands of riffs in one minute, a good album can be done. What is death metal for you? How did it grow inside you? Which is the album or the live show that made you fall in love with it?

This whole concept of death metal music is almost my life. I Say almost, because there are more important things for me that just metal. I Began listen to this underground music since I was fifteen years old and for sure help me on have a personal character more perverse but at the same time more mature about several aspects of life. As for example the lyrics of different bands they were just amazing and very creative and leave you thinking about social, occult matters. So, all that paraphernalia tight to this culture is in fact a cult. A cult that must be preserved, even some times it appears to disappear entirely, it returns back again stronger and with new protagonists. The death is covered by several veils; those veils are every single sound and style performed to worship an extreme culture... the culture of death. It’s very hard when it comes to decide which band turns you as a maniac son of a bitch, for now as I’m drinking a cool fucking beer I’m listening to Sonne Adam, Grave Miasma and Morbid Insulter stuff. Fuck! What was the question again? Ahahahah!

How is the mexican scene today? Which are the bands that you respect and that gave life to a scene in your nation?

Well, it’s easy... the best are Ominous Crucifix, Zombiefication, Hacavitz, Omission, Necroccultus, Embalmed, Black Torment, Xibalba, Denial, Vexilla. Sorry, but no others.

Mexico is known as a nation that produces much extreme metal; did you notice a trend in your nation? There is an invasion of bands with haircuts, tattoos and squeay screams that is killing extreme metal but enriching the big labels, is this trend present in Mexico too?

Yes, a lot of bands a la Cannibal Corpse. Also an incredible and purulent number of Black Metal and retro thrash bands of shit. I like new bands, but only when they are serious enough and not trendy motherfuckers. Every people can do anything they want, but don’t ask for respect when you just don’t deserve it.

Talking about labels, how did you get in touch with F.D.A. Rekotz?

The true is that Rico listen to our "Relics Of A Dead Faith" and trusted in us... very lucky of us. There is no more behind, we feel very satisfied to be part of F.D.A. Rekotz catalog.

Religion is continuously oppressing people, in these years there are wars started due to intolerances, creeds are generating hate and Vatican, symbol of richness and of the incoherence is also influencing politics. What do you think about the religious world?

There is no much to rezoning on that crap, I totally blaspheme and spit over such cult of lies and rich prophets of death. I think that Christian doctrine has its expiration day. That day is so near since people are more grateful for living with no afflictions related to some incompressible god. They don’t pray anymore because they haven’t received any hope to survive this hard life. They are focusing and a more concrete satisfaction, nobody is taking care of their prophetic words that cause fear to the innocents. Soon the Vatican will fall and will be burn to ruins. There will be no exile, only a hunt... a hunt for their heads. Guilty! -they said... to the fire! -They claimed... bastards! There will come his own judgment and will see their hell on earth.

The album has just been released, how will you support it? A tour? Maybe in Europe too?

For now we will take a break and will be keeping on doing more music. We are considering a tour until our next full length, maybe Europe. In Mexico you need to kiss some asses to be considered for a big gig, so fuck that! Let’s see what happens latter.

What is your dream as a band?

Surviving man, I don’t ask too much. Hope all members might stay for long time in the band. That rock star profile, pfff! Is so fucking pussy aspiration ahahah.

Thanks for the time spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you.

Thank you for your support through these years, we really appreciate it. For all your followers I will advise to get their copy of our "The Spell Of Damnation", also visit our house at F.D.A. Rekotz and be amazed of the great catalog of putrid bands. Keep aware of Ominous Crucifix through our Facebook and BandCamp sites.
Only Death Is Real!

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