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SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS (english version)

Author: Mourning

Line Up:
Bryce Yuson - Guitar
Devin Durrett - Bass
Jacob Durrett - Drums
Drew Winter - Vocals
Richie Gomez - Guitar

Hi guys, welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine. May we have a short presentation of your band?

We are Shadow Of The Colossus from Sacramento, California, United States. We have been a band for a little under a year, and we just recently self-released a Self-Titled Full-Length 40+ minute album. We are five dudes who love to play brutal death metal.

Where did you get inspiration for your band name?

There is a video game for Playstation 2 that is called Shadow Of The Colossus, literally the most epic and amazing game in existence. We wanted to pay homage to the game by making music in comparison with the games brutality.

Which is the main cause that pushed you in giving birth to this project?

We are the kind of musicians that have to always be writing and releasing material all the time. After our old band ceased to exist, we took a little break and reformed with a new name, a new style, and a lot more maturity.

Which are the bands we listen to regularly or have Influenced your musical path?

Killswitch Engage

Your first self-titled album is a good work among you untangle groove, melody and good impact, as you describe and what are the key features that gave him life?

The first album is our most in your face music to date. We wanted to write some stuff with a lot of groovy heavy parts with a taste of hardcore influence as well as some super melodic parts as well.

How do you write a song?

Bryce (guitar) and Devin (bass) get together by themselves and work on riffs tirelessly, refining them over and over, until they get the style of riff they want. They put the guitar parts together into the song, making sure there is noticeable structure. I come in after the song's guitar is completely written, lay down my drums. We usually do lyrically placements on the spot in the studio, but we do write the lyrics beforehand.

How important the appearance of the lyrics and what the topics covered?

We cover everything from political stuff, to emotional stuff, to just plain gore stuff. Everything really. Lyrics are important to the feel of the song, brutal songs deserve brutal lyrics. Likewise more melodic songs deserve more thought out lyrics.

Why did you choose to play metal music? What has made you think: this is what I want to play?

Its up there among the most extreme and complex musics out there today, along with jazz and classical. The speed, endurance, preciseness, and presence of death metal is just the genre that challenges us the most.

What do you think about the today extreme metal scene?

Its kind of over-saturated lately, BUT I do have to say that a TON of amazing albums have already been released in 2010, and its only june!

What change or eliminate in metal today?

My biggest pet peeve with bands these days is shitty recordings. If everyone had the capabilities to get awesome recordings it would level the playing field a little more, and force bands to get more creative.

Which is your opinion on P2P? Do you think it may help spreading music or not? Is P2P the cause of the downfall of metal?

First, I definitely think metal popularity is on the RISE! I mean look at warped tour's lineup this year, all deathcore and heavy metal bands. Its gonna get way bigger than this. Second, however, I think that the only metal (or music for that matter) that P2P harms is DIY stuff. Always support DIY!

What is your thinking in the media (fanzines, webzines, etc ... etc ...)? There is one aspect of these realities that we find annoying or unprofessional?

I think all the zines and sites out there are such an important part of the music industry today. These people are the transport line from the band to the fans. A lifeline.

What do you think about social networks? Do you think they may be useful to the scene or not?

Definitely, most bands rely on their myspace to sell merch online to people who cant come to a show, and to let them know where they are playing.

How are live Shadow Of The Colossus? There were concerts to date that have enhanced and others which have received less than what you expected?

We have actually only played one show, and it was our CD release. We played direct support to Conducting From The Grave (Sumerian Records) at their tour homecoming show in Orangevale, CA (our home town). We had a great response with over 400 kids going insane in this bar, jumping up and down and stagediving!

Relationship with whoever follows: how we keep and how you feel important?

I try to talk to fans on an everyday basis, answer all inquires or concerns. Fans being in the loop of info is very important, and I think they have to know the status of a band in order to stay interested in that band.

What are you doing to prepare the release and the promotion of the album?

We have been promoting online a lot for our digital release, you can preview 5 songs off the album in real high quality at

Future plans and dreams you'd like to accomplish?

Licensing the album to a label and touring again would be nice! Playing Summer Slaughter tour.

Thanks for the time you spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you.


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