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HERETIQUE (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Insanity

Line Up
Wojciech "Zyzio/Wojtas" Zyrdoń - Bass
Grzegorz "Igor" Piszczek - Drums
Grzegorz "Celej" Celejewski - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Piotr "Peter" Odrobina - Guitars (solo)
Marek "Strzyga" Szubert - Vocals

Welcome to Aristocrazia Webzine, what it feels like to have your first own album in your hands?

Strzyga: Hello! At the beginning thank you for your interest. First of all we feel relieved that our work bore the fruit. Generally we are pleased with our first album because its realization was carefully planned and its costs were less than moderate. It's obvious that if you look from the time perspective you can always find things that could have been done better, but in general our feelings are positive.

Who are Heretique? How were they born and what are their references in

Heretique was grounded in 2007 as an initiative of two comrades: Jacek Wołoszczuk and Celej who had known each other for many years and played a little together (among others in the Gliwice city based black metal project Mortuary). Then it was Strzyga who was enlisted by Celej from the no longer existing at that moment coverband Damage Inc. The rest of scoundrels came once for some vodka and so they remained.

How did you approach this type of music? What are the albums and the bands that have introduced you to metal?

It is a hard question to answer as virtually everyone of us consumes different sorts of metal and then smuggles his ideas into our work. Our music is then like a common denominator. The bands in the circle of our vary so much that there is a place for so different bands like for example Slayer on one side and Dimmu Borgir on the other.

The way you compose how much you think was influenced by your everyday listening in recent years?

We are more inspired by the older bands, where you can hear the roughness of 90-ties. Nevertheless we try not to replicate their patterns but instead establish a bond with the greatness of metal music of that period.

"Ore Veritatis", why that title? What is the meaning you attribute to it?

We live in a land that is full of religious hypocrites where you can hear pseudomythical babble from all sides. That is the main reason for our albums name: Ore Veritatis that is By Mouth of Truth, as we openly criticize the behavior of different society groups, including religious ones.

Your proposal is very compact, contained in half an hour, are you completely satisfied of what you got?

Yes, we are satisfied. We assume that it is better to record a shorter, concise but more rough, wild and powerful material then long and boring one. Besides it is always better to leave some hunger for more than over-satiation.

How does it mean to be part of a scene as the Polish one? Do you have a circle of friends and band that you respect and with whom you have shared or would like to share live experiences?

Well, we got to know some faces of notorious drunkards that we drank vodka with. Generally speaking Silesia region is a local center for metal music and is also densely populated. All that makes finding people to share the stage with relatively easy.

You are supported by Robert and his Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho always ready to lend a hand to the emerging band of your country, how you get in touch with him?

Contact with Robert was established thanks to Celej. It was also Celej himself who negotiated in our name all the details and legal issues connected to the release of Ore Veritatis. Currently in Poland it is quite difficult to find an editor (especially if you want to release your first album) because of the long list of already awaiting projects. That was one of reasons why some other labels refused to release O.V.

What is your thoughts on today metal scene in general? Pros and cons? There is one aspect that you consider just irritating?

Nowadays there is a huge amount of bands creating (more or less durable) so it is quite hard to get a grip on it. Besides the giants of music market there is also quite potent background(underground). It is not very uncommon that these less known are not noticed at all by potential listeners as they have no marketing powers. As a result the chances that their work will find a broader audience are very slight; audience that is additionally narrowed by the fact that metal music is consequently pushed out of the stages of cultural mainstream. People like us are enthusiasts that are doing their music from pure love to it; we are not aiming at getting the platinum record or getting on top 20, the final reward for us is the hell-red hot public on the concerts. The most frustrating problem is that there is less and less public on the concerts. We do not know how it does look in other countries, but in Poland club parties popularity are in decline.

What are your commitments now? How do you support the album?

The big contribution for promoting Ore Veritatis is done by Robert from Psycho, who is sending it to reviewers and making internet promotion. Our part is to organize and wreak havoc on the concerts that we pull ourselves to the very edge. Unfortunately we have no person responsible for management so we have to do it ourselves.

What was the first time you played live? Feelings, memories? There was a night that you wanted to delete it because all went wrong?

The memories of our first concerts are very faint as everyone had at least a few permils of alcohol in blood, hehe. But seriously... after our first show we get extremely excited for more playing before public. There was much fewer than 100 people there at that time, but their reception was extremely positive. Besides it was followed by the probably the best (so far) after party.

How do you spend your days when you are not involved with the band? Passions, work, in short, the everyday life.

First, everyone of us has an ordinary job as it is impossible to live from music. Strzyga works with transport services, Celej in musical theatre, Peter in mining industry, Zyzio is a social care parasite and Igor is retired jailer. As our other passions beside music are concerned, some that are worthy to admit are: sex, Satan and beating women, hehe.

Take a little appeal to those who follow us that encourages buying "Ore Veritatis", give your reasons.

It is reviewers job and not ours to encourage people to buy CDs. We are not going to forcefully "push it down people's throat" as we say in Poland. It is hard for us to be impartial and to talk about advantages and disadvantages of our material. Besides it is also a matter of individual taste. But if I am really forced to do it, I will cite Peter's words: "Buy it, as it contains both power and mysteriousness"

We close here our conversation, let's salute our readers? The last word is up to you.

Once more we thank you for your interest. This is our first international interview and we really hope we have not compromised ourselves in your eyes. We welcome you on our website and we hope to see you the other day. Satanic hail from the chuch choir Heretique. Horns high!

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