lunedì 1 luglio 2013

THY LIGHT - Suici.De.Pression [english version]

Band: Thy Light
Title: Suici.De.Pression
Year: 2012
From: Brazil
Label: Pest Productions
Contacts: -
Author: M1
Translation: LordPist

1. Suici.De.Pression (Introduction To My End)
2. In My Last Mourning...
3. A Crawling Worm In A World Of Lies
4. I Am Bitter Taste Of Gall
5. ...And I Finally Reach My End


Wandering around the Internet, I've found out that this demo (which was totally obscure to me) — put out by Paolo Bruno through his project Thy Light — is actually some sort of cult recording in the underground. This was one of the reasons that convinced Pest Productions to give it a professional and re-mastered take, five years after its original release. This choice proved successful indeed!

"Suici.De.Pression" is an amalgam of negative emotions and suffering, conveyed through five tracks filled with pathos. The songs do not just follow on the canonical depressive/suicidal well-beaten path, with its howling and repetitive riffing, but welcome many other different elements instead. We might mention the keyboards in "In My Last Mourning..." that give an even more solemn sense of tragedy to an already dismal atmosphere, or the solos expressing affliction and agony. The opener itself, "Suici.De.Pression (Introduction To My End)" — despite what the brackets suggest — is not just a frilly piano introduction, but a song on its own merit. Its bittersweet character will prevent you from skipping it, as it might have been the case for many other superfluous preludes.

The meticulous care given to melodies is one of the strengths of this demo / album, never hidden under overwhelming effects or raw "buzzing". The guitar work is remarkable indeed and Thy Light is perfectly able to arouse the listener's interest through acoustic and piano sections, arpeggios, rhythm variations (although there are no frantic accelerations). This way, the more orthodox parts (as in "A Crawling Worm In A World Of Lies") are not that preeminent, consequently making the quite lengthy tracks — both a blessing and a curse for many bands playing this genre — easier to go through. We often leave sheer depressive black territories so far behind that the beginning of "I Am Bitter Taste Of Gall" reminds us more of Fear Of Eternity than Forgotten Tomb.

It might be possible to spot some flaws in "Suici.De.Pression", but I believe it would be really of no use, considering the high quality of the music contained here — especially if we take into account that the demo was completely recorded by Paolo Bruno, with Alex Witchfinder only contributing with the lyrics. The drums sound lacks clarity here and there, but this aspect only emerges if we willingly relate to the album in a "rational" manner, instead of getting carried by the musical flow.

As for the packaging, the cd is enveloped in black-and-white decorated thin cardboard, quite firm and with no booklet, with essential information and lyrics printed on it. So I have discovered that this work was dedicated to Everaldo Dolensi Junior, who killed himself in 2006.

Seldom have I come across such a veracious band, but at the same time able to avoid closing itself in the tight "depressive" musical cage. Therefore, I really want to praise Thy Light, "Suici.De.Pression" is highly recommended to anyone who wants to give a listen to a depressive black metal free from parching manacles. In the meantime, I am still waiting for Paolo Bruno to start producing new material again...

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