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THE DEAD (english version)

Author: Mourning

Line Up
Mike Yee - Vocals
Adam Keleher - Guitar, Bass
Chris Morse - Drums

Personally I think that "The Dead" is one of the best albums released in 2008-2010, today here with us we have The Dead, one of those bands which has in the black and old sound its trademark.

Let's begin talking about the history of your band, can you give us some infos?

The Dead (Mike Yee): Cheers for the great review. We started back in June of 2005. I knew the guitarist at the time who was starting a band with Chis & Adam. They needed a Vocalist and we jammed on 4 songs and within 6 weeks we recorded Demo 1. A positive reponse was received straight away, so the wheels certainly started turning from there on.

As I wrote in the review, I couldn't buy the first press of the work luckily the new label of the Diabolical Conquest zine made a new press. Why did you decide to give another life to the album? Did you receive many requests from people who, like me, couldn't buy the first press?

We Recorded "Ritual Executions" in 09 with Aphotic Mote (Portal). Things at the time sounded cool, we wanted to release it for an important gig that was coming up at the time (limited to 100 copies, which went straight away), so I guess we rushed things a little at the time. As time went on we talked about re-mixing the recording, then Kunal from Diabolical Conquest was keen to sign us to his new label, it was the perfect time to Re-mix & Re-Master the CD.

Why did you change the artwork with more colours?

The art is Originally in grey pencil, the blue effect gives it life I reckon more so than the flat original Black pressing. The inside art is actually old stuff that I have had for while.

Why did you re-master it? Did you work with Aphotic Mote in the past?

We felt the music was good, but the overall sound of the mix was a bit distorted & had a bogged out sound which didnt really give the clarity of each members mix/performance. Aphotic Mote originally did the whole recording first time round, but then did a killer job for the re-release in 2010. We were pleased that it turned out how it did.

The album is a great blow, I can hear influences from the big bands but which are the bands that you like and that helped you in the creation of your sound? 

We all enjoy the Death/Doom/Thrash genre, though it is not our intention or purpose to play like that. We write what feels natural at the time. We all listen to various genres of music. I do feel proud though when people give us the "Autopsy meets Black Sabbath Label, 2 killer bands in my mind.
Creating the music is what we enjoy, if people dig it that's cool, if they don't, they miss out haha.

How is life into the band? How do you write the songs?

All is good at the moment, we are writing new stuff for our 2011 record. Chris & Adam come up with the music side of things, then give it to me to write lyrics & vocal patterns to organize. Sometimes things change once the vocals have input, sometimes they don't, we as a band respect each others personalities,comments & suggestions, nothing is worse when a band cant connect on that level. Most fail because of that.

I read many good reviews of your work, how is the balance sheet of "The Ritual Executions" in both the editions? There is still something that could improve or I think so highly satisfied?

We're definitely satisfied with the re-release, as with our past recordings. The band isn't into the "we should or I wish we could have done that" thing, we move on to new things pretty much straight away. Each of our records have a different feel & vibe about them. It boils down to us to playing some cool Heavy Metal for ourselves & people seem to dig it, which is mindblowing.

How is playing these tracks live? Do you have a particularly nice gig that you want to tell us?

Playing live is where we shine with our sound,loud & heavy as hell, surprising the amount of everyday folk come into a gig, because they hear it walking past on the street, they check it out & become fans, their response is surprising to themselves let alone to us as a band.

Australia has one of the most evil scenes, how are the relations with other bands and which ones do you consider the most important ones (both past and present)?

The scene is fairly healthy here in Brisbane, has been last 20 years, more so the last 5-6 years. A lot of local talent, which up to international standard, playing a lot, we all get along & respect each other,a lot are friends anyway. There is a long list of cool bands here in Brisbane & Australia, bands like Portal, Dead Letter Opener & Excruciate are killer, there is a lot to name actually. Our scene is expanding all the time & some who drop off the radar for their reasons, I guess.

What do you think about the today metal scene? Ups and downs compared to the past decades?

Ive been into the genre of metal for 25 years+, so I've seen & heard fashions come & go, traditional Heavy Metal,Thrash & Death metal I'm a big fan of, they've slowed in popularity in the past, but picked up steam in the full circle revival thing. Today's scene is more accessable to a different range of people these days which is good for bands like ourselves.

Webzines, social network, what do you think about the great exposure of metal?

Exposure is a key a lot of bands strive for, whether its fan/webzines or social net,in the end it's about your music you produce & play. We are living in amazing times for promoting stuff, it's virtually one world when comes to the net, not the old days of searching through magazines or going to your favourite record shop to see what you can discover by chance or rumours of a band. We applauad the exposure the net has given us.

Which are your projects for the future? Are you already working to a new album?

At the moment we are focusing on our writing for the new record. We hope to record in the next month & then Kunal at Diabolical Conquest records will take it from there. He's done a top job with the "Ritual Executions" release. We're looking forward to putting out a new record in the coming month or so, considering the reviews & response for "Ritual" were very positive.

Will we see you in Italy?

Dude, we would love to come to your amazing country. If the occasion ever arises for us to travel to Europe or the States, that would make our personal dreams come true. To tour abroad would be the icing on the cake for us as band. Australia is cool place to live but every band dreams of playing overseas, whether its small clubs or crazy festivals you guys hold over there.

Thanks for the time spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you.

Thank you for the interview. Every exposure for us overseas is good thing, We are grateful for the (fucking) cool response everyone has given us, hopefully "The Dead" will be crushing your region one day soon! Cheers-Mike (Vokillz)

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