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GENERAL CHAOS (english version)

Author: Mourning

Line Up
Ercüment Kasalar - Vocals
Hendrik Bache - Guitar
Florian Müller - Guitar
Henrik Schwaninger - Bass
Carsten "Antek" Rudo - Drums

Today we racket and we want to have fun, in fact with us one of the new reality of Cyclone Empire, the General Chaos. I give you officially welcome to our site, how it feels with an explosive debut in the safe already?

Henrik: It feels great that the album is finally out now and that we get so much attention and have the possibility to do nice interviews with people like you! Now we want to go out and play live as much as we can!

In all sincerity I tell you that is a pleasure for me to review in action the pair of axes that participated in the work of the best prints of Dew-Scented, Florian and Hendrik. It feels their presence in the sound and when they go solo, there's just that fun. The key word of your work I think is just "fun", what has been so in creating it?

Antek: after Such a Surge quit I started to play guitar and wrote some songs. Hendrik and Flo lived in the same town like me. We have been knowing each other for a long time and they´ve asked me several times to form a new band with them. The bass player Henrik was my partner in idiocy in our former band Revolver. Our singer Ercüment and Hendrik shared an apartment together and Hendrik forced him to join, hehe...

Henrik: It is big fun to play in a band with these two guys, they are always making incredibly funny jokes! But so do we others as well! We´re always having a blast when we´re together! And I think that´s what it´s all about, having a good time and not take yourself too serious! But of course we take our music very serious! There are countless hours of really hard work in the songs!

It's a pressing mixture that contained in "Calamity Circus," is everything you would want to spend an hour in the company of music that he does whip. What are your musical references? And as your personal tastes individually have had in creating the sound? Are homogeneous or has anyone even pleasure in going well beyond the metal and its even broader range?

Henrik: Since we´re all old we have been listening to music for many, many years and there is quite a wide range of individual tastes in bands and music we all are listening to. But we share a common taste in many bands as well. We have all been knowing each other for many years before we started to play in bands together. All our individual preferences put together create our musical mix of rock, punk, death and metal. We all like the straight in your face, energetic music that makes you drive faster with your car. Or drink beer with your friends or bang or heads or dance or hook up girls!

In the review I have appointed a lot of historical act, which for them to meet the evolving world have often been criticized, I speak of Pantera and Entombed not to mentione the death'n'roll evolution of people like Carcass and Gorefest. What led you to look back taking in the way of playing the 'roll and hardcore push?

Henrik: As said above, we want to make people dance and move to the music!

I listened to the disc all the time, one of the advantages it has is its short duration and therefore he is very focused on an repeatedly attack "in your face" style. It is this concentration of centrifuge sensation that you wanted to achieve? As you are fully satisfied?

Henrik: We did not want to put 100 riffs that don´t fit together in one song or do a long concept album. Slayer´s reign in blood is half an hour long and it still tears everything apart! It´s the energy that matters! We want to do it like Muhammad Ali, knock out in the first minute of the first round! Nobody wants to see a 30 round box fight with a technical KO!

What is the "Calamity Circus"? What are you referring to the album title?

Henrik: Calamity circus stands for a hazardous lifestyle in general, taking every risk to create the biggest sensation in every situation, not only for the audience but also in everyday life. That´s what it´s all about.

The tone often tend to become darker, while releasing continual references to the outbreak, songs like "Calamity Circle" and "As Black Disease" are those that more highlight this aspect. Not having had an opportunity to examine the texts may I ask what they're talking? And what are the issues which usually treated?

Antek: All lyrics are about us and/or things we have experienced. We do not want to write about stupid “I am the lord of the dark castle in the fog” or some “hail satan in the dark forest we do some bloody rituals” or concept lyrics about a journey to alien live forms in far away galaxies… we write about our lives, Calamity Circle is about doing things that you know are stupid but you still do them over and over again like being hung over and Screen Berets for example is about our favor for old 80s action and mercenary movies like Dirty Harry and Rambo. Black As Disease is a very personal text about a friendship going apart.

There is a piece that when He gives you in live field you might feel a workhorse? Based only on on-air my favorite is "Second To None", I don't know how much alcohol to drink kindly invited me to his company ahahahahah.

Antek: sorry, we do not understand this question, but if the song makes you feel great and open one or 10 bottles of beer we totally agree with you!

The band often have their own record as the novelty, something never heard before or not due to other (theoretically almost impossible), if you were to make a presentation of "Calamity Circus" to the fans who have followed in the steps of your career as a musician from a band and then another, in which terms such talk to it?

Henrik: if you like burgers, beer, girls and the monster truck show Calamity Circus is the right album for you!

Antek: the record sounds like you feel when Godzilla is knocking on your front door!

Henrik: powerful adult metal rock! Hehe…

You are artists who are in the scene for a while, as the German has changed in the way of life and approach to the new? As you can see the current situation inside?

Antek: We are too old to be new and to be part of the scene, hahahaha…

And the mondial scene, in principle? There are bands that followed with interest and which may be of particular mention in this period?

Henrik: the worldwide music scene is so big and there are so many great bands and artists from all kinds of music from pop to death metal that we like so we can not only mention a few names.

What are the pros and cons for a new formation that facing on the scene with an unknown monicker?

Antek: it´s very hard to get attention as a new and unknown name on the scene.

Henrik: but it´s also good because we can start totally new because our style of music has almost nothing in common with the bands we all were playing in before we started this band.

Antek: it´s blessing and curse at the same time.

How is born the collaboration with Cyclone Empire? The label in the last year has moved a lot in different areas and seems to be doing really well.

Henrik : When the recording and the mixing was done we started to look for a label that could put the record out. We had spread some promo copies and Cyclone wanted to work with us! And they are great guys! Crazy like us! They know a lot about metal and gave us a lot of support. They totally like the concept of the band and the artwork and even paid for the poster digi pak which makes the album look just great! We are happy to work with them!

Antek: they are walking heavy metal encyclopedias! Encyclopedia empire, hehe...

How is the album promotion? You are on tour? You have already set dates that we can inform our readers, maybe a passage in Italy?

Henrik: Unfortunately we are not on tour yet, but we really want to play live as much as we can, always and everywhere! So if somebody can offer us some opportunities to play, please contact us on or look for GeneralChaosOfficial on facebook! We would love to come to Italy, we have all been there before and loved it! So we really want to come to you with our band and drink your beer! Hehe!

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