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VANHELGA (english version)

Author: Mourning

Vanhelga is a swedish prolific band, they have just released their album "Mortem Illuminate Mea" and the mastermind will tell us something about it.

Welcome to our 'zine, let's begin giving some infos about Vanhelga.

Thanks. Vanhelga is a part of my magical workings as a wanderer of the left hand path. It's a project which I work with in solitude. There's noone else involved but me and that's the way it always will be.

In two years you released two demos, a full length, an ep and a split, how can you explain this "musical hyperactivity"? How does the inspiration which make you write music take life?

I seem to have a never-ending source of inspiration which emerge from the darkest depths of my being. All this inspiration (or energy) takes the expression of 'Vanhelga'
in this world. It have always been a part of me but it haven't had the chance of taking expression until I started to play the guitar (I guess it's possible that it took expression in other obscure ways before that).
The inspiration takes life through the music of Vanhelga. When I write music it's like being possessed by powers that are beyond human reasoning. It all starts with a 'feeling' or 'instinct'.
When this happens I grab the guitar and my mind goes blank. Next thing I know I'm writing song after song in total extasy. Another way of describing the creative part is that I tap into a certain
part of existence from which I grab the inspiration.
The music also works as a vessel.

Vanhelga's music is coherent, step after step both the melodies and the more evil parts are always present and also they improved the ambience, the swedish sound is one of your inspirations (Dissection/Arckanum) but what about the lyrical themes? From what you draw inspiration for them?

I don't believe I am inspired by Dissection nor Arckanum. I think we get our inspiration from the same source - that's the main reason why our music might turn out to sound similar.
The lyrics also emerge from the same source of inspiration as the music. I don't think to myself "what do I want to write about now?". It all just come to me in the shape of feelings or instincts, I can't explain it any better than that. I believe I have a very different approach to writing lyrics than most other bands. 

Does Jon Nödtveidt influence your approach with the genre? How do you see Black Metal today? Corrupt and commercial or not?

I have no idea what opinions Jon Nödtveidt had concerning this matter. All I know is that I respect his music.
I'm not updated at all when it comes to the Black Metal scene of today. My only interest lie within Sitra Ahra. All I can say is that there are some people in the Swedish Black Metal scene that should be respected while some others aren't even worth mentioning here.

What is black metal? The 80s and 90s spirit is almost lost, is there a scene which continues being faithful? Are there any features that bands should respect if they want to play this genre?

My Draconian brothers in Ofermod and Nefandus. Concerning the first part of your question; As I said before I don't really know anything about the 'exoteric parts' of the Black Metal scene and I'm not interested in it at all to be honest. What's interesting most often lie underneath the surface, hidden in darkness and covered by the smell of death.

If you had to say an adjective to describe every step from the first demo to the last ep, what sould you say?


How was the collaboration with Svartgalgh and Inominatus born? How are they supporting the releases of "Mortem Illuminate Mea" and "The End Of Reason"?

I've been in contact with Svartgalgh for quite a long time. It all started when I was looking for a label that could release some of my material. I contacted Svartgalgh and they were very interested in releasing it. Dennis of Svartgalgh is currently doing a great job with the distribution.
Mindaugas of Inomintaus Productions actually contacted me one day and asked me if I was interested in releasing Vanhelgas debut full-length through his label. After some questions about it I said yes. Inominatus is doing a great job and I am very pleased with our co-operation.

Is Vanhelga destined to remain a studio project or will you bring it on stage with session musicians?

That part of Vanhelga is yet shrouded in darkness. For now it will remain a studio project.

The swedish scene is one of the most famous, are there bands which you'd like to work with? Also, are there any underground bands which you'd like to recommend to our readers?

I prefer to work by myself. That's the only possibility for Vanhelga to exist. If others would to be involved it wouldn't be Vanhelga anymore. I don't force myself to listen to any certain types of band, like 'underground' ones. I listen to the music which appeals me the most. Anything other than that would be equal to limiting myself. I'm no trendfollower, nor do I bow down to laws which I did not create. I know some bands which I could recommend, but I don't classify them as underground since I don't bother to classify the music I listen to.

Unluckily in Italy we have the Vatican presence, the world is always in war due to religions. Dows mankind like to feel enchained? Is caos and self destruction the only way to put an end to all this?

The modern society tend to create the spiritually and intellectually weakest individuals. People have lost contact with the 'dark' aspects of the world and they will forever be enslaved until they've restored that contact. Self destruction is a powerful way towards spiritual liberation - I recommend you all to try it. Don't try it if you are mentaly unstable though. You need to be able to enjoy the process properly because it's supposed to be an act of extasy and joy. If your goal is to indulge in self-pity you're better off visiting a shrink.

How were your works received by zines? Did you receive good comments?

As far as I know, the work have received very good comments and reviews. Unfortunately I don't have time to read all that is being written about it.

Probably you're already working on new stuff, will you release something in 2011?

Yes. There is a lot of new material that will be released during 2011. I won't reveal anything about it though, you will have to wait and see for yourselves.

Thanks for the time spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you.

Embrace Death!

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