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MAMMOTH MAMMOTH (english version)

Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
Mikey - Vocals
Cuz - Guitar
Pete - Bass
Bones - Drums

Let's go now to know better the Australian reality of Mammoth Mammoth of which you will find the review of "Hell's Likely" included in our list.

Welcome to Aristocrazia Webzine guys, how is the Australian summer?

The Australian summer is fuckin great but we are in the middle of winter at the moment. Which basically means we have just been using more Pyro at our shows to try and keep warm. That and our drummer, Bones wears pants during the colder months too.

Let's start with the monicker, why the choice Mammoth Mammoth? What does it mean?

Mammoth Mammoth is the biggest name we could think of. Its big, hairy, has a long thing hangin off its front and likes ice. Just like us.

How did the band born, who are the members and what were the most significant steps made until now?

We formed in 2007 in the backstreets of Melbourne. Mikey on vocals and lost car keys, Bones on drums and beer, me on guitar and bourbon and Johnny Gash on bass. We released two albums with that line-up, our self title EP and our debut album "Mammoth". Then Johnny Gash quit coz he had a drug problem. His problem was that he couldn’t get enough drugs. So we got a guy called Pete in. And that’s the line-up that’s created our new album, "Volume III – Hell’s Likely". We’ve played a shit load of gigs including tours with bands like Airbourne, Cosmic Pyschos, etc.

"Hell's Likely", what is this likely hell announced by the title?

Hell is likely every time we play.

Who took care of the album's artwork? How did you choose a cover so retro? and with a strong "folk" spirit for an album that sounds pretty strong?

A photographer named Chris Tovo shot the cover. It was shot in the Black Spur which is a forest that was ravaged by a bush fire a few years ago. So we put a naked girl with a big bush in the same location. After the shoot was taken we set her bush on fire. We love albums and shit from the 70s. Back then albums were full packages. Like Alice Cooper’s "Billion Dollar Babies" or any early Deep Purple of Kiss record. That’s why with Hell’s Likely we have released it on vinyl, double gatefold and plenty of flesh. Its something not many bands do anymore.

Your sound is a combination of seventies rock, punk, stoner, heavy and street; what are the past and today's listenings that are reflected in what you play?

We all like different stuff. I was raised on 80's glam, Mikey’s more stoner, Pete loves punk and Bones is heavily influenced by Jack Daniels. So Mammoth Mammoth is a big fur ball of a few different styles. All the best bits rolled into one.

How does a song of Mammoth Mammoth born? What is your best way to compose? And, about the lyrics, what are the issues that you face and why?

We don’t think about it too hard. We start jamming. After a few hours Mikey comes back from the pub and starts yelling into the mike. Somehow it works. Our songs are about serious issues... drinkin, fightin, drinkin and drinkin. We figure the world is full of enough serious "issues". The only issue we are concerned about is rock and fucking roll.

Listening to "Hell's Likely" the desire to rock out and have a feast was a consequence of the involvement created by the tracks. How important is still to ensure that music is an outlet? Have you noticed a sort of flattening in the proposals that are often called "rock" and "metal"?

Every time we play we play like our lives depend on it. We believe that if you arent bleeding then you really arent rockin’. Last year we played a show where Mikey put himself through a six ft glass window during the first song. I didn’t even realise it happened till after the show coz I was going so hard on the other side of the stage. We give our shows everything and we try to make that come across on our albums. The best rock n roll should be an escape. There’s nothin like listenin to a Motorhead or Pantera album to fix whatever is bringin you down. That’s what we aim to do to.

A friend, returning from Australia, have spoke to me of a land where the musical culture is highly developed, as you see the situation of your music scene? Merits, defects, band to check out?

In Australia, Melbourne is the place to be for rock n roll. There are heaps of live music venues. Any night of the week you can see honest dirty sweaty rock n roll. Our favourite places to play are the Esplanade Hotel in StKilda and the notorious Cherry Bar on ACDC Lane in the city. Yes, we have a street named after AC/DC. I think that says it all. There’s a great rock scene in Melbourne. Not so much in other states. Sydney used to be god in the 70’s and 80’s but they closed all the good venues and turned them into gay bars.

In an historical period in which we are guided by series of numbers (mp3), you rely, like many other bands, and fortunately many labels, on releases that help vinyl lovers, we cannot let die physical supports? How can you see the ongoing dematerialization of the music to the advantage of digital formats?

The only benefit of music in digital form is that its spreads far and wide. The shit thing is that the art of the "album" is getting lost. That’s why with our ne album we released it on vinyl. Double gatefold, naked girl on the cover, four naked girls on the inside. We wanted to create something that is worth buying, and listening to whilst you get to look at naked women. And that’s something the internet will never be able to do. I mean, unless im missing something, there are no naked women on the internet.

Forums have gone out of fashion, MySpace has become a wasteland, Facebook is more often a kind of hen-house best suited to gossip than anything else and then you create profiles on Reverbnation and Bandcamp to give space to the music. This overexposure on the network is really useful?

Our best exposure on the internet has been on We made a porno film clip and put it on that site. It has had over two million views. Sex sells. Check it out:

How was your experience of national tour in support for Airbourne? There are anecdotes that you would share with us?

They are the real deal. It was a crazy tour. It was actually a really great match. They hurt themselves on stage as much as we do. We were drunk most of the tour but from what people tell us both bands played really well.

How was your first performance on stage, what difficulties you had and, looking back now, what would you do differently?

Every time we play there are 20,000 people out front going nuts. Whether they are actually there or in our heads doesnt matter. We deliver no matter what. We’ve always gone hard on stage and we always will. I don’t understand bands who think its enough to just get on stage and stand there playing your instrument. Like I said, if you’re not bleedin, you’re not rockin.

Are you in tour now? There is planned an European tour?

"Hell’s Likely" was released here in Australia at the start of June so we’ve been on the road since then. Next year we will head to Europe and play a bunch of shows. Then we hope to play Uranus after that.

We cannot live of music alone, unfortunately, and than what is the everyday life of Mammoth Mammoth? Passions, hobbies, work, hopes for the future?

Hopes for the future? We hope to make enough money to keep Mammoth Mammoth rolling. And we hope that Black Sabbath tour and we get to support them.

The last five albums you bought? And five that you feel recommend as essential for anyone who consider itself a music fan?

I bought a bunch a vinyl the other day at a little junk shop: Deep Purple "Burn", Neil Young "Harvest", White Lion "Pride", Testament "Practice What You Preach" and "A Very Brady Christmas".

What's in the near future of Mammoth Mammoth?

We are about to sign with a major record label in Europe. They are gonna release the new album and our other albums worldwide. We're stoked! That'll happen early 2013. Then we’ll tour. We’re pumped. Mammoth Mammoth just keeps getting bigger. We might have to change our name to Mammoth Mammoth Mammoth.

The interview is over, the final message is up to you.

Thanks for your time. Anyone who wants to find out more about us can go to and search for "mammoth hells likely" on youtube to see our latest film clip. Hopefully we’ll see you on the road. Stay Mammoth.

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